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Hines Ward News and Updates
Latest News from Hines Ward
Facebook Fundraiser for the Helping Hands Foundation
Many of you have seen posts on my Facebook page advertising fundraisers for The Helping Hands Foundation. I want to ensure each and everyone of you that these fundraisersare 100% real and providemuch needed revenue of the Foundation.

hhines ward ffundraiser for helping hands

These fundraisers are run by a hand picked team of people called Team Hines. Team Hines is a group of hard working people doing the best they can to bring you awesome memorabilia at unbelievable prices.

I want to thank each and everyone of you that have participated in the past, and if this is new to you, thank you for your consideration.


The fundraiser starts Thursday, June 4th @ 8:00PM and runs through midnight on Sunday, June 7th.


Right on my Facebook page!

How it Works

We use a program called Soldsie. To particpate in the fundraiser you must first register with Soldsie, and yes when you register they will ask for certain levels of permissions and access. This is a standard Facebook application connection message.  By registering, Soldsie only gets access to your email address to be able to send you invoices.   Soldsie does not do anything with your friends list or any other information in your profile.

Once a fundraiser starts each product will be posted to my timeline in 1 minute increments. Generally there are 12 - 15 products. I apologize that these posts are so close and are viewed by some to "clog their feed" but it necessary to get these products out as quickly and as organized as possible.

After registering all you have to do is comment "SOLD" under any of the products you would like to purchase. While each product has a large quantity available they are limited and can, and often do, sell out. After commenting you will be e-mailed an invoice (reason you have to register so Soldsie knows where to send the invoice).

You will have 24 hours to pay the invoice. Within that 24 hours you will be reminded twice (3 hours and 12 hours after commenting) to pay the invoice. After 24 hours your invoice will be automatically cancelled and that product will become available to someone else.

If you comment after the allotted inventory has been reserved you will be put on a waitlist. Should someone not pay their invoice within 24 hours the product will become available to the first 5 people on the waitlist and is on a first-come, first serve basis.

If you get on the waitlist you can "jump to the front of the line" by authorizing your credit card. Should a product become available the first person who authorized their card gets the product, the second person gets the second product to become available and so on. If no one has authorized their card than, as previously mentioned, the first 5 people on the waitlist will be notified and the first to purchase gets the product.

We of course suggest you pay your invoice immediately to avoid any chance of losing the item you want.

Click here to register. Products for the next fundraiser will be posted Thursday, June 4th at 8:00pm and will run through Sunday, June 7th.

What Type of Products Can I Expect to See?

Team Hines has put together products from Hines Ward, Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, Heath Miller, Jack Lambert and more! The products range from mini-helmets to jerseys, 8x10's to 3 Rivers Seatbacks, and everything in between! Check out my Facebook page at 8:00pm Thursday for the complete list. The products will be re-posted each day as well.

Thank you very much for your participation and as always... GO STEELERS!

Click here to register

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Hines Ward Facebook Fundraiser

Hines Ward Memorabilia at TSEShop.com

Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation

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