Monthly Archives: July 2010


Welcome to the new!

Hey, everybody!  Welcome back for another year of Pittsburgh Steeler football and to my new and improved website.  In case you didn’t notice when you first got on, I have redone my website to give you more firsthand insight into MY world and more importantly, to make me more accessible to you!  From now on, I want you to stay close to my site as this will keep you close to me.  Throughout this season, through my site, you will be able to follow me both on and off the field and you will be the first to know about special events, opportunities, and all of my community involvement, including what’s going on with my Helping Hands and Helping Hands Korea Foundations.  
Now, since I have your attention, I just want to say something from the heart:  I want to personally thank each of you for your loyalty and support over the years.  That has really meant a lot to me as many of you have been with me both on and off the field for a long time.  Many of you have been there through Continue reading