Monthly Archives: August 2010


I want to hear from you!

Hey everybody.  Hope you guys are enjoying my website and feel a little “closer” to me as I do to you.  Just wanted you to know that my new website is going to be different than anything you have seen in the past.  This new website means a lot to me because I had it revamped so that I could reach out more to all of you guys with my thoughts, emotions, and stories as they come to mind. Without you, my long journey to establishing myself in my career would not be complete.  I am really starting to take more notice and charge of the things in life that matter and you guys are at the top of my list. 

On that note, there’s more to come in the very near future, so stay tuned.  I hope you are having some fun with my site, feeling like you can communicate with me, and that you are part of my fan family.  Please feel free to also voice your thoughts, comments, and opinions about whatever is on your mind.  Now, I may not always be able to comment back, depending on the topic, but I will take notice of what you are saying.  But you never know.  I may just jump in on any discussion I see on the site.  All I ask is that you be and stay respectful to one another.  You can keep it real, just keep it real classy and professional too.

So just like my goal for this year on the field, I look forward to taking our connection to the next level.  Thanks for being a big part of my life.  Go Steelers!!!