I want to hear from you!

Hey everybody.  Hope you guys are enjoying my website and feel a little “closer” to me as I do to you.  Just wanted you to know that my new website is going to be different than anything you have seen in the past.  This new website means a lot to me because I had it revamped so that I could reach out more to all of you guys with my thoughts, emotions, and stories as they come to mind. Without you, my long journey to establishing myself in my career would not be complete.  I am really starting to take more notice and charge of the things in life that matter and you guys are at the top of my list. 

On that note, there’s more to come in the very near future, so stay tuned.  I hope you are having some fun with my site, feeling like you can communicate with me, and that you are part of my fan family.  Please feel free to also voice your thoughts, comments, and opinions about whatever is on your mind.  Now, I may not always be able to comment back, depending on the topic, but I will take notice of what you are saying.  But you never know.  I may just jump in on any discussion I see on the site.  All I ask is that you be and stay respectful to one another.  You can keep it real, just keep it real classy and professional too.

So just like my goal for this year on the field, I look forward to taking our connection to the next level.  Thanks for being a big part of my life.  Go Steelers!!!

781 thoughts on “I want to hear from you!

  1. Dawn George

    Dear Hines,

    My son is participating in his first football camp. His name is Joey. He’s 11-years-old, 5’3, 160lbs, size 12 mens feet! He’s never played organized sports (except t-ball) and having a rough time. He’s feeling anxious and crying often. He really wants to play but is feeling he’s not good enough. He’s been watching the Steelers all of his life and last year told us he wanted to hit people like you do. We have not forced him into this but do feel it’s important that he finishes what he started. And we’re pretty sure he’s going to love the game. He is having some trouble with exercise-induced asthma because of the heat and humidity. I’ve told him even you and all the Steelers don’t particularly like camp especially when it’s so hot. He really wants to be a defensive lineman. Any advice for him or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

    You are one of the toughest, most sincere players I’ve ever seen. And I love your smile; it never leaves your face. The Steelers have always been the most honest, big-hearted team in the NFL; loyal players, coaches, staff and owners all with the most integrity of any team.

    Have a great season! HERE WE GO, STEELERS, HERE WE GO!



      Mr. Ward,
      I address you that way because you DESERVE respect! I LOVE the STEELERS… have ever years. You, Mr. Ward are a STAND OUT!!!
      Your work, on and off the field, are MOST IMPRESSIVE! I LOVE the way you reach out to TOUCH others… you will be rewarded!
      YOUR SMILE… especially when some defensive player has just grabbed you out of the air, thrown you to the ground and you emerge… with the ball and a HUGE gain… SMILIN’… AWESOME!!!
      YOU MAKE ME PROUD TO BE A STEELERS FAN… and might I add in major PATS territory. Being out of work I can’t afford my NFL Sunday Ticket this year… MAJOR BUMMER… BUT… I will SMILE!
      One reason… your site!
      aka MKNUSML

    2. Robin Chason

      Dear Dawn,
      My youngest son had the same lack of confidence when he started playing midget football,he’s a perfectionist at heart ,he also has a strong work ethic. To help him out we praised him alot on his goals that he accomplished and encouraged him to set more goals for himself that helped him alot but when he tried to make them to big we expressed to him that if you achive the small steps the bigger steps become easier. As with his asthma I know can be difficult but can’t stand in his way, Jerome “The Bus” Bettis has Asthma and look at the great success he became maybe Hines can hook you up with THE BUS to give you pointers of how he dealt with his asthma!!! Hang in there with your son It is amazing to watch their achivements my heart soars with pride every day with their great accomplishments! Like everything in Life It’s a Team Effort on everyones part, That is why The Steelers Are GREAT they are TEAM players,whom include everyone Coaches on down to us FANS !!! Hines you have a wonderful Mom she shines in your Soul and in Your Smile !!! Thank You and God Bless Everyone !!!

    3. Kevin Jones

      Dear Hines, For my 40th birthday in June my wife found and purchased 2 50 yard line tickets for the September 12th game against Atlanta!!! This just happens to be my son’s 10th birthday. He has been a Hines Ward fan since the time he would walk and talk. He even did a Hines Ward bio last year and is amazed with your story. He was really amazed with your stats at Georgia as a quarterback! Since we are going to be in town for the game, I would love to surprise him with a quick visit from his favorite football player. Not sure if this is possible, but would love to hear from you either way! Thanks Kevin (also a Steelers Lifer!!)

    4. Dylan

      Mr.Ward you have really impacted my life. You have taught me that when you are down just to get back up and SMILE!!! you have been my role model ever since i was about three. I’m 11 now and i just want to say thank you. When my dad died last summer i was devistated and i was beyond sad but i looked up to you and that really helped. so thank you.

    5. violet quashnock

      Dawn i read your e mail and just wanted to say it was as if i wrote it. you expreesed my views to the T. i agree with it all. we also had to give up our season tickets. But when they are playing we are glued to the t.v. we are also glued watching D.W.T.S. cant wait to see Hines win that trophey. I love all the Steelers, but Hjnes smile will get you every time. Love you Hines and go Steelersssssssssss.

    6. Kerry

      Our whole family are not only Steelers fans but Hines Ward fans. My mom passed away from cancer 6 years ago. She always loved your smile even when things didn’t go your way. She requested and we obliged to bury her in her Hines Ward Jersey. We all wore our Jerseys to her funeral. Just wanted to let you know how much you touch people!!!! Thanks for being a part of our family….
      Of course I voted for you in Dancing with the Stars

    7. jenny m

      Dear Hines, i have read about the things youve said about how you grew up and kids bullying you,my son is 13 going on 14 this month(june) they all know he has celebral palsy (a mild case) but they pick on him anyways,hes a very sweet forgiving young man,never complains for anything. Can you help me help him? you both are alike charming great sense of humor,and very caring.thank you soo much! Your friend,Jenny M.

    8. Denise

      Dear Hines,

      I watched the show last night with Carlton and it really touched my heart, I was crying within minutes. The new website is awesome! Like everyone else has already stated, I think you are an incredible person. My family have been Steeler fans forever and we have met many pro ball players, some that were not so nice to us, and then there are the players that actually take the time to stay and talk with my boys. We have not had the pleasure of meeting you after a game yet, but we did get to meet several Steelers players. I have a picture of my three oldest boys with Cordell Stewart, he talked with the boys for about a 1/2 an hour. It was very cool. I am impressed and in awe of your kindness and how you give back to the people who love you, and the fact that you don’t know the majority of those people shows what a beautiful heart you have. I enjoy watching you play ball and I especially enjoyed watching you dance on Dancing with the Stars!

      I recently came back into the lives of my boys, and let me clarify that I am not their biological mother, but I could not love them anymore if I had given birth to them. I was married to their father and raised them for almost 10 years. When we split for the last time, I moved away for my own personal reasons, but I stayed in contact with the boys. So when I received a call from my youngest last year, that he needed me back home, I quit my job and moved back to our home state to take care of him. We have had a rough year, but we are making it one day at a time. My son has accomplished so much in his short life considering the adversity and troubles he has been through. The passing of his mother a few years ago, some anger, and definitely feels of abandonment. I am very proud of him! I knew that when I got here that I would not have any problems finding a job in my field with all of the experience I have, but almost a year later, I am still working for minimum wage. I promised him that I would get him to a Steelers game, because out of the four boys, he never got to go because he was so young. I wasn’t financially able to take him this season either. I have started a savings account so that I will have enough for tickets to this coming season! He inspires me to strive for better things and to to work hard. He is inspired by you and the way you play ball and how you carry yourself in life. I can only hope to be half the person you are, but everyday I take a small step at being the best person I can be! Thank you for all that you do!

      Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow! Go Steelers!

  2. Jillian

    Hey Mr. Ward,

    Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You’re a class act all the way. I love the fact that you always seem to be smiling after ever play. You can certainly tell you love what you do – and we fans love watching you do it!

    I got into rooting for The Steelers after my father passed away. He was a HUGE Steelers fan his whole life and was even buried with his Terrible Towel and a Steelers tie on! Cheering for you guys every Sunday helps me feel closer to him even though he can’t be with me.

    That’s how I look at the Steelers Nation – the players, fans, coaches are all one big crazy extended family.

    Good luck with the 2010 season! I can’t wait for some football!

  3. Brad Pelfrey


    First of all, let me say Thank You for all of your hard work and dedication that you give to the Steelers. Not to mention all of the bone-crushing blocks that you have delivered, which by the way, did not deserve any fines. The ones on the bengals (not capitalized) are the best!!!

    Now, let me get down to business. I am begging you, please, please, please sweep the bengals this year!!! I am so sick of hearing them run their mouths!! And for a team that has never won a Superbowl, they run them quite a bit. I live down in Byron’s old stomping grounds at Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

    You’re the best, keep up the good work and I am ready for some Renegade to pump me up this year! Goooo Steelers!!!!

    Go Steelers,


  4. Shannan


    It seems from your site that you are trying to have some personnal involvement, that’s awesome. So I have the same question, what keeps that smile on your face??

    1. Carolyn


      Have you ever seen the documentary? It is really awesome and I believe answers this question plus many others.

      I think that Hines smiles so much because he realizes how fortunate he is to be playing and ever play matters.


  5. Krystal

    It’s really great how you keep your fans close to you. Not many people do that. one thing i have always admired about you and the rest of the Steelers is you not only treat each other as family, but you treat us (your fans) as family as well. And to me, that is what being a team is all about. i am proud to say that i am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. what i also admire about you is no matter what, you’re always smiling and that shows that you have really great character :) this is kind of an interesting thing,you see sometimes i kind of think that your number “86″ brings me good luck. Not only do i own one of your jerseys and admire you as the great leader and football player you are, but my boyfriend’s football number in high school was also 86 (strange i know). we have been together happily for almost 6 years…haha i know it sounds kinda cheezy but hey. Best of luck to you and the STEELERS as the 2010 season kicks off! HERE WE GO! :)


  6. Fran

    A great website! Thank you for continually bringing fun and dignity to the Steelers organization. You truly exhibit your love of the game and of life. Good luck this healthy, happy and blessed.

  7. shelly Miller

    Just want to say your smile brightens my mothers face even if the steelers aren’t winning! We are all die hard fans. Just keep smiling and playing your heart out and know we all appreciate you!

  8. Lori


    I really like your new site and all the effort you’re putting into giving back to kids and your fan base. People love to know that they matter, and there is nothing more fulfilling as a person than finding that you matter to people. I appreciate you letting cheerleading be a part of your annual charity weekend this past year. All my best to you this season and as you continue to do great things.


  9. Leeanne

    Dear Hines,

    I think my favorite thing is your smile. I just love watching the Steelers, but most especially you. I hope you have a fantastic season, on and off the field. GO 86/STEELERS!!

    @Dawn George. Keep up the great work with your son. Encouragement is the best thing, along with teaching them not to quit. My son is 6’0 and 197lbs at 14. Size 14 shoe and still growing! He also has asthma, and is suffering from the same thing with football this year. He loves and hates it. This is his first experience with football and he is a freshman. Continue your encouragement of your son, and no matter what the football outcome know that your son will grow to be a better man for having seen himself through this. Good luck!

  10. Nicole

    My dad and I love to watch you play! It makes him laugh how you can get hit during a play and still stand up smiling! Keep up the good work and good luck this season! LET’S GO STEELERS!

  11. Sarah

    Hines, you are an amazing football player and an even more amazing person. Your smile on that field keeps Steeler Nation smiling with you. I can’t thank you enough for that. My step son (4) is such a fan of the Steelers. My husband is an Eagles fan, but his son wears his Steelers jersey with such pride. I’m getting him his first Terrible Towel this year. You are the kind of person I want him to look up to. He will start football next year. He keeps saying “when I grow up I’m going to play for The Steelers!!”. Thank you so much. God bless.

  12. Pastor Tim McGregor

    Thanks Hines! You are what’s right about the NFL / The Steelers/ and Professional Sports.
    Our church is part of Steeler Nation. ha ha. That’s for real tho. You are an inspiration to lots of kids I know. Man, I’m 48 years old and you are an inspiration to me!

    Have a great season. All the best!!
    Here We Go!!!!
    Pastor Tim McGregor
    Lighthouse of Hope Church
    Cumberland, MD.

  13. Heidi Milhous

    Hines, thank you for everything you do, on and off the field. You have a huge heart and a kindness that shines through, even in your writing. You seem to lack the over-inflated ego that surrounds most NFL stars, yet your performance on the field is above and beyond your professional peers. Thank you for keeping the game exciting; it is a joy to see you in action! Good luck this season, keep smilin’, and God Bless. Here we go STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!

  14. Agnes Sayers

    Hello Hines,

    I’m an old lady of 74, but I just love to see your wonderful smile. I am a Steeler fan of many years. You are such a nice man and I hope you stay as nice forever. Thank you for playing for the Steelers. GO STEELEERS!!!

  15. Scott

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are my favorite Bulldog of all time, and probably the best pure football player I have ever had the pleasure of watching. It’s been a joy watching your Hall of Fame career in the pros, but in my mind you will always be a Dawg!

    Scott Grantham

    P.S. – Among me and my friends, the 19th day to kickoff is only Hines Ward Day…we celebrated on my blog yesterday.

    GO DAWGS!!!

  16. Steve

    With all the off seasons drama behind us, I’m looking forward to Steeler football once again. It makes me proud to be part of the biggest fan base in all of professional sports, even though I’m in south Jersey in th heart of the Eagles area. But, I wear my black and gold with pride knowing you and the rest of the guys will be out there doing what you do best. Have fun, play hard and stay healthy. GO STEELERS!!!

  17. Feras

    Hey Hines,

    If I mail you my jersey of your name, will you mail it back signed? lol. You could be the first WR to ever do that! If so, hook me up with an address to send it to :)

  18. Linda Skobel

    Are you going to be at the Kickoff luncheon on September 2.. Certainly hope so because I will and you are my “all time” favorite player..

  19. Kim Wieland

    I think the new website is GRRRRRRReat!!! I love the way you are keeping your fans informed. Your smile is the one of the best parts about watching you play football, win or lose you make the game the best. Have a blessed and safe 2010 season.

  20. Patty

    Here’s to lots of surprises…I can only say GOOD LUCK. After the summer drama, wearing the Black and Gold is rather difficult when you do not live in Pittsburgh! Trust me…the last comment direct to me when I was wearing a Penguin t-shirt was, so you cheer for the QB that is a rapiest. Ugh!!!
    Thanks for reaching out to your fans…it is much needed. Good Luck and stay healthy.

  21. Kristen Scarborough

    Just want you to know that I have never been so proud to wear your jersey every week. You are not only a respected player on the field but off the field too. Hope you have another wonderful season.

  22. corie d

    Hey Hines,

    I love when you update you status and keep your fans posted with your day to day activites. You also add humor which I love. Wish you the best this year. I will be at the Giant/Steeler game representing 86. BTW, please keep us posted with all your foundation work, I am biracial and still have family in Korea, so it means a lot. GO STEELERS!!!

  23. lisa gibbs

    I just wanted to say my son is 14 he plays Football he saw you play and said he wanted to be like Hines Ward one day, He said you always have smile on your face no matter what and he thinks that is so cool. we are all huge Steelers Fans Thank You for being such a good inspiration for my son.

  24. Cari Burns

    Dear Hines,
    I have always wanted to tell you how much i love and appreciate all that you do on and off the field!!! I know everyone claims to be your #1 Fan but let me tell you that is me:) Just ask my hubby…lol You are the best player EVER….Keep on smiling Hines we love you and OUR STEELERS!!!

  25. Jean

    My husband is active duty military, so we are part of the traveling Steeler Nation. We love your positive attitude both on and off the field. Our son is in his third year of pop warner and it’s wonderful to have someone like you for him to emulate. Congratulations on an outstanding career! Though it would be bittersweet, let’s go out and get #7 this year. My hubby is deploying this fall, and let me put this out there: the Steelers got #5 on his first deployment and #6 during his second. Now, I’m not superstitious, but the coincidences do seem a little overwhelming. Also, during games, it’s quite common to see my FB status read, “I love me my Hines :) ”…yeah, mostly when you make a reception, but sometimes when you clock someone! Here’s to a great, safe season!

  26. Robin


    Wanted to let you know that you(and Troy)completely changed how I viewed football!!! Have to be honest, I hated it, I never could understand the game! But my husband, who even though was born and has lived his whole life in Texas, is and has always been a die hard Steelers fan, so I wanted to start watching hoping that I would find something about it that I liked,then the first thing to happen, was you scored a touchdown and that grin came across your face and that was it for me, I couldn’t stop watching I wanted to see that grin!
    Over the past few years I have finally come to understand and LOVE football and it all started because of that grin!!!

    Keep Smiling!


    P.S. My husband really thanks you…he can finally watch football without complaining! LOL

  27. John Kang

    Dear Hines,

    Thanks for the new site, I’ve been a Steelers Fan since 1980 and you’re my favorite Steeler ever! So it will be fun to follow your blog on the 2010 quest for Ring #7.

  28. Ella

    Dear Mr. Ward

    I am a huge fan of yours, love the smile on your face no matter what. I noticed someone else posted they have a shirt and would like it signed if you could do this I also have one I would truly love to have signed by you. Keep up the great job that you are doing. STEELERS LETS GO ALL THE WAY

  29. Michelle Ward

    My boyfriend Matt Barnes and I and our kids are HUGE Steeler fans. My oldest son and I are saving up to get ur jearsy but I had to say we all love you and the team, also we are in Rising Sun Indiana and we are just a few here in town that like Steelers our van is very noticable around town we have a HUGE steelers sticker on the back window and drive it proudly, most of the town well 90% are bengal fans so we hope you all just stomp and hurt the Bengals A.K.A She-gals. Just because of what Chad ohcostinko said about the steelers along with we can’t stand the She-gals lol
    Good luck this yr and I know we are super bowl champs this yr

    1. Jenny Cortina

      I found a great website that sells authentic jerseys. Great quality & low prices. I got a Hines Ward jersey for about $37.00 shipped. Sewn on numbers & name, not silk screen. Ships from China – took about 10 days for delivery. I was nervous about the quality & dealing with the company, but was really pleased. Its called

  30. Paul Piceno

    The more thing i always admired of you is your love for the game, your spirit as player. Thanks for play so well an be an example for the community, for show a good way to be a succesful person in life
    see ya on tv Hines
    You guys are the best team, and you are one of the best
    Paul Piceno

  31. Michelle Roberts

    You are the exact reason I love the Steelers. I look forward to seeing you smiling on game day. You are one of the best!! I love how you care about your fans. You are truely someone my kids can look up too. Go Steelers!!!

  32. Karla Diamond

    Hines, I just have to say that you are such a great football player! and such great dedication! I love how you are showing the new guys the ropes to make them better players. Not many people will do that for the new players. I was fortunate enough yesterday to go to training camp and see you in action. I nearly was able to get your autograph which would have made my day/week/year! 2 more seconds and I would have had my SI Superbowl XL MVP magazine signed!! That’s OK though, perhaps next time I will get lucky! I am sure you were tired and hot from the practice and just wanted to take a shower. I thank you for the time you took to sign some autographs though. Keep on Smiling!!!

  33. Nancy Kuniansky

    Have to share a cute story. Visiting family in NC, and saw my cousin, now 12, for the first time in 10 yrs. he was so excited to hear that we live about a mile from training camp. I told him, “I should’ve brought you a terrible towel!”. To which he proudly replied, “already got one!”. Impressed, I asked him “who’s your favorite player?” He lit up like a Xmas tree and exclaimed “Hines Ward, he’s always smilimg!’. This brave young mine survived a brave tumor, and can never play contact sports, but is becoming an ace tennis player. And he is always smiling!

  34. Justin

    This website is awesome. Just wanted to wish you on a good season, and i can’t wait till week 1 of the reg. season. You’re a good guy on the field, and an even better one off the field. Good luck on breaking the rest of the steeler records, because in my opinion you are the best(even if you did lose a step)hahaha! I’d take smarts over speed anyday. I just love when you get hit you’re always the first one up and smiling ear to ear. GO 86 and the rest of the boys!!!! Glad to see lebeau FINALLY got in too. Just had to throw that in there.

  35. christine

    Hey, when are you going to do a healthy kids camp or something in the Burg, I have some awesome healthy drinks 0 sugars, 0 carbs filled with vitamin B5-12 with lots of flavors kids and adults love them. I couldn’t make your camp in Georgia. anyway love you and watching you play. always a highlight of the game your smiling even when I’m sure you don’t want to. GO STEELERS. SUPERBOWL 2011

  36. brent

    Hines you are awesome not just on the field but everywhere you are my all time favorite steeler even though at the home opener after super bowl xl I think u almost ran me and my wife over a black escalade with georgia plates and all black windows came within inces of hitting us near the stadium but its cool u r still the man and a 1st ballad hofer

  37. Sandy Neufeld

    HInes, thanks for the awesome games you have given us over the years! Looking forward to more! I have been a Steeler fan all my life. I live in the LA area now and have found a group of fans to watch the games with. Just had the opportunity to visit traininng camp and loved it! Keep smiling and enjoying giving us the great games you always do!

  38. Bonnie Beck

    I Know alot of us fans love that you respect us and take the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us.You have always taken the time out for ME to sign my jerseys and pictures.I’ve bothered, I know many times,but they mean a whole lot to me.I told you I’m always going to be your #1 Fan Forever,ask all my family and Friends…LOL.You really are the BEST.And I miss THE HINES WARD SHOW.Why did you quit? Hope to see you on Steeler Huddle,we all miss your show!! Love You Me…Your #1 Fan..

  39. Long Ngo


    Hope you have a great season, I am very proud of you. I remember when we use to play football in the apartments, and pretend like we were the greats, Elway with the bullet pass! Look at you now, one of the greatest to play the game :)


  40. Wendy Palmer

    So proud to wear your jersey each week :) . Thanks for keeping in touch with your fans. Your efforts on and off the field are truly inspirational. Good luck this season!

  41. Joe

    Can’t wait for the season to start! Go 86! Its been great to watch you play every week. You make the QBs look good with your ridiculous catches! You make the games that much more exciting to watch! Thank you!

  42. James Lancaster

    you are a true inspiration to all those who have been told they could not do something. I think you are the most complete wide out ever and will be there in Canto when you get into the Hall of Fame!!!

  43. janet nazar

    I live in the Philly area, but raised in Donora PA Icant get all the games that the STEELERS play but im a true fan. You are my hero,I wear #86 when there is a game .I am 76 and think you are the best. GOOD LUCK AND BE SAFE. JANET NAZAR.

  44. Jeff

    I still remember the first time I met you. You were in Akron to do an autograph signing and you limo driver brought you to BG Bree’s where I was a DJ at. I had thought about what I would say to you had I got to meet you, but when the opportunity came, I just froze. I still have the autograph you gave me that night and it hangs on my wall as the centerpiece of my entire Steelers collection. Here is hoping for another great season of performing and mentoring. The young talent looks great, no doubt that you are a great influence.

  45. maggie

    Saw you at Latrobe, I was the one wearing # 86,haha, as about 500 hundred other fans.
    Keep smiling! Have a great season.

  46. Mary Lou

    Hines, You are the classiest football player EVER! It is so wonderful that we as your fans are able to write to you and convey our thoughts. You are such an asset to the STEELER organization not only because you’re a great player, but a great person. Good Luck to you and the rest of the STEELER team. Looking forward to watching you Saturday night as you play your second pre-season game.

  47. Pauline Sinclair

    Hines: I’m originally from the Pgh. area. Live in Oregon now. (One of Troy’s haunts) and follow the Steelers through thick and thin…..And of course love every minute of the games and hearing from you on your blogs. I’m 69 yrs old, my sis is 73, we watch the games together and get really wild. (for old ladies). Every time I see you on the field or off, I giggle because of your smile. Keep up what you’re doing because it’s gotta be right. Hugs.

  48. O'Malley

    I also live in Oregon and proudly wear my #86 jersey every Sunday. I love the way you play the game of football. I always find it funny how you de cleat players on the regular with a smile on your face. Keep it up.

    Go Steelers!

  49. Lisa

    I live in Ohio but have been a HUGE steelers fan for many years. I met you in Pittsburgh at the Respiratory Alliance benefit in November of 2009. You are a class act, and the work you do on and off the field is awesome. Continue to keep smiling, because it really means a lot to your fans. Go Steelers and I know that it will be a good year. Take Care, and I will be wearing my #86 jersey every game this season.

  50. Kathy

    Thank You, Hines, for making yourself “real”. All too often men in your position are untouchable, this just allows us(the fans) the ability to feel as if we are a true part of the STEELERS. We all know how much we love the Steeler’s, but until now, we were only able to watch. With your kindness and time we can feel as if we also participate. Keep Smiling, Hines! We love you and the Steeler’s could not have a greater “Face of the Steeler’s”.
    From Florida, always a steeler fan, Kathy

  51. Crystal

    Growing up in central PA, I’ve been a Steelers fan my whole life. After 10 years in Tampa, I was lucky enough wear your jersey :) to the Super Bowl on 2/01/09!!!

    A few weeks later, my sister saw you at our favorite icecream shop in Disneyworld. You were sitting at the counter with your son, and my sister interrupted that special moment to get your autograph. You autographed the menu for me :) with class.

    Thank you for your dedication to the fans. We love you!

    See you in Tampa on 9/26 wearing my 86 jersey!!! Go STEELERS!

  52. Laurie


    I’ve watched the STEELERS since I was old enough to understand the game. I would sit with my dad and ask question after question. Who’s that Daddie? What position does he play Daddie? Sometimes I think I drove him nuts. But you gotta understand I was the only girl in the house besides my mom. Now I’m talkin I go back to the Mean Joe Greenne, Dwight White, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, LC Greenwood, Mike Webster, Benji Cunningham, Mel Blount, Franco, Rocky, Swan, Stallworth just to name a few. Then all you young ones started to come on the scene. And I started to get excited about the game again. That’s partly because of you and that beautiful smile. No matter what they throw at you , you just smile. I’ve tried to adopt that attitude and use it in my line of work. I work the check-in counter at the Pittsburgh Intl Airport for American Airlines. So I get alot of crap thrown at me. If you know what I mean. Just wanted to say THANKS not for just being a good role model for kids but for me just your average older lady that loves the game and loves you. God Bless You….Go STEELERS !!!!!

  53. PJ

    Hey Hines.

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the way you play the game and the way you carry yourself off the field. I have two boys, 3 & 5, and I hope they are as passionate about what they want to do with their lives as you are with yours. kepp up the good work and best of lucj this year to you and the rest of the Steelers!!! See you in Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Scott


    First I would like to thank you for the way you play, old school and hard nosed! You are my favorite player of all time ! I am a soldier who was wounded in Iraq (just recently having my spine fused among other things) you are an inspiration for me healing by learning all that you have been through! I am stationed in Ft. Lewis, Washington and finally get a chance to go to a Steeler home game on Dec 12th against the bungals and can’t wait! If there is any way that I might meet you it would be a great honor and a highlight of my life and help with the long recovery. Once again, thank you for who you are and the way you are! 100% total professional. GO STEELERS!

    Scott Kramer
    SSG, US Army

  55. Judy

    Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do!!! You are an inspiration, as a matter of fact I joined a fantasy football league 2 years ago, with the name of 86 Kicks, you have been on my team both years, last year I did win, with your help!! But seriously I am a huge football fan and you are by far a player that stands out in both character and integrity. Keep smiling :)

  56. Damien Koteras

    I kicked the habit 3 days ago and its starting to make me feel crappy now. My fiance says I will not get it done but I am so sure about it I can’t fail. This morning I started feeling aches and pains in my abdomen and I really want to have a puff. I won’t give up since I’m stopping smoking for my little one. I’m blessed to have the smokeless cigarette. It has been beneficial in my opinion.

  57. Rinda

    Can’t wait for football to start the regular season. Go Steelers!!!! To comment on Damien who kicked the habit 3 days ago keep up the good work. I quit about 5 years ago and actually won the Hines Ward quit smoking contest he runs every year. They gave me 2 tickets to a game with awsome seats right on the field. So don’t give up cause it is definitely worth it. I feel so much better today and i honestly don’t miss it at all. Good luck and God bless. Also prayers for a safe and successfull football season. Hines you are #1

  58. Tammie Dreibelbis

    Just wamt to say I am a big fan along with the rest of my big family. We love you! Wish you all the best on and off the field!

  59. Donna Bash

    this is awesome Hines was so thrilled to see you at practice wished I was able to get your autograph…but I was able to get troys you two are my favorites I geuss it,s the way you carry yourselves and the God like persona that follows good luck next game hope I am able to get to a few games this year

  60. Jillian Barnes Banks

    Hey Ward,

    Just wanted to reach out and say have a great season the kids/teachers @ Woodchase academy(formerly Sunbrook Academy) will be cheering you on this season.

  61. Michael Jordan

    Hines, Just wanted to say I really appreciate you and the rest of the Steeler family from the Rooney’s on down! I love to watch you play because you play the game the way it was meant to be played and that is with intensity, heart, and emotion. As much as I love to watch you run patterns and make some crazy catches, I more so love to watch you block and play defense on a turnover. What gets you so fired up when doing so?

  62. JohnnyMac

    Hey Hines, lets get em this year eh!!! Your the best bro, just got my new Ward jersey and its on.

    Come up to Alaska sometime, I can show ya where to REALLY slay the fish!!

    War Steelers!

    -Johnny Mac

  63. Sue

    Hope you have a safe and great season. I hope you will continue to help the new guys (Antonio and Emanuel) They are doing well with your help. I am disabled and would love to go to training camp if I was able. Thanks for this web site. It makes me feel close to the family of the Steeler Nation.

  64. LTC Joe Howell

    Great website…have been a life-long Steelers fan and a fan of your’s throughout your career! You’re a credit to the game, the Steelers, and the community…my wife and I are stationed just south of where you grew up and have heard nothing but good from all in your home-town area!!!

  65. dottie

    Hines, Thank you for being the player and person that you are. We enjoy the Steelers and you are a big reason why. My family all have Hines jerseys. Keep up the good work!

  66. Donna

    Thank you for the website, how cool is it to be this close to you. I love you smile and energy. You have a good season and get that ring.

  67. Ako

    Hines Ward!

    Just wanted to thank you for laying out those Ratbird players……like Ed Reed and that pu$$y LB’er. Keep on crushin’ ‘em man…i remember your first day with the Steelers in 98 and you are one of the greatest Steelers to ever step onto the field.

    #86 is legendary and will be talked about for decades after you retire. Ward is da man!

  68. tricia

    i was thrilled to see you started a website, you are my favorite steeler! you are not only a great wide receiver, but you seem to be a wonderful person off the field as well :)

  69. Elisabeth

    Likewise, I too am taking charge of the things that are important in my life :)

    I’d like to thank you for all the work you do off the field, especially with your Helping Hands Foundation!

    If it weren’t for your annual trips for the Korean students, I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to befriend MinHyeok, Dong-Kyu, and the other lovely individuals.

    Although it’s been almost a year, I’m hoping to see them again this fall!

    Good Luck on the field, Mr. Ward! You are truly the stuff of legends.

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  71. Janice Hess

    I just wanted to say that you looked great in camp this year Heinz, I know you’ll have an outstanding season. I was finally able you meet you up close at camp and get your autograph, you were so great with the kids! Metting you was definately the highlight of camp for me! Go Steelers!

  72. Dixie Lysohir

    Can’t wait til the Steelers come to Denver to beat the Bronco’s again!! That’s the only time we go to a Bronco game! Where do the Steelers stay in Denver, or are you allowed to publish that? Years ago they used to let the fans come to the hotel to meet the players when they arrived. Sure would be cool to meet you and some of the team!!
    Take care and good luck this year!!!!

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  74. Kara Matos

    Dear Hines,

    Thank you fore being such a role model and inspiration to fans everywhere. You have been my favorite Steeler for quite some time and hope that my 2 girls follow in my footsteps. Bettis was and also is still one of my all time favorites, you remind me of him. Thank you for being generous and caring towards your fans….we all appreciate it! Good luck this Steeler season to you and the whole team! This is your year again STEELERS!!

  75. Doug

    Hey Hines, Just wanted to say that I think that your the gritiest reciever in the league. Keep doing what you are doing!

    You met my mom one time she is a security gurad at the entrance of the bank. I think she told you that you were beautiful one time.

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  77. Scott

    hello hines,
    i was wondering if and when you might be coming back to athens for any reason. would love to meet you and get a autograph for my son. ” go dawgs ”
    thank you,

  78. Eric

    Wishing you another great season Hines. By far you are the toughest and most well rounded player to play your position, in my opinion.

    I may be 1200 miles from Pittsburgh but the Steelers are always in my heart. GO STEELERS!

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  80. Doreen Diesel

    Well what can I say about Hines Ward that hasn’t already been said! I am a member of Steeler Nation and I am so proud to have a football player of your calibur and integrity on “our” team.
    My all time favorite Steeler players are Jack Lambert for his fierceness, Terry Bradshaw for his humor, Jerome Bettis for his drive, Troy P. for his spirituality, and Hines for his smile! Last but not least, “thank you Hines” for autographing a white leather football for my son, Alex. He is 6’2”, 181# and plays defense on his school’s football team.

  81. Sarah Lee

    A friend of mine liked your FB page, so I liked it too! =) Anyway, I noticed in the little comment box on the left that says “Contact Andrew Ree for promotional/marketing” stuff. I couldn’t help but let you know that he was my family’s lawyer when we got into a car accident. Funny how it’s a small world.

    Anyway, have a great day! =D

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  98. Attila Domos

    Hey Hines… wish you all the best for the up-coming season. I’m hoping I can snag you on my FF team :) At any rate, I’m the guy who won the 2010 Pittsburgh Marathon’s handcycling divison. Looking forward to defending my title on May 15, 2011 :)

    PS: Your new website looks great!!

  99. Mary Sunday

    Mr. Ward,

    I so look forward to this coming season, and wish you and the rest of the team best wishes. I have to admit that you guys truly rock the NFL. Thanks for letting us have a chance to tell you how we feel as fans. We appreciate all that you do. God Bless.

  100. Daylon

    You are my role model and i want play just like you do when I grow up. I play football just like you. The only thing different is I play Deffensive end, Linebacker,and quarterback. I collect football cards and I have a few of you I was wondering if maybe i could get your address and send you one and maybe you will sighn it. i mean you dont have to I no your busy being with the top players of the pros. Plus i love your college go dawgs good luck this season. ps GO STEELERS !!!

  101. Mark Balasco

    Hines, Do you know Louis Lipps? We went clubing in Altoona a long time ago, and he gave me his name and number for tickets, and never did call him. Just was wondering if you ever partied with him and if he stays in touch?

  102. tom

    heinz i cant wait till the season to start but i wish that charlie batch could be the quarter back and my favorite player jeef reed could play a little more but you are also my favorite player.

  103. tom

    charlie batch should be the starter just till ben come back because he is better and he was around a lot longer.

  104. Jennifer Schlegel

    Hi Heinz, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your autographed picture donation for the Danny Shaffer Fun Run. We raise money to help children with serious illnesses. My friend Melissa Merchant told me the story about Reed and how he was being a jerk and you heard the conversation and offered to sign one. So thank you so much! It’s nice to see some of you aren’t just about the money and that you actually care. These kids go through so much in such a short time. I wanted to let you know that some of the money we raised from your donation as well as our other donations went to a 6 year old little girl diagnosed with Leukemia the day after our run. For more information on our memorial foundation or to support these children check it out at The website is still under construction so I haven’t put it out their yet. i just thought if you wanted to see what you helped we you could check it out! Thanks again. Good luck! Hope you have a great season!!

  105. Adra

    I love the new site … It is awesome that you want to interact & connect more with your fan base. May God Bless you!!!

  106. Sylvie Rade

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  107. Ed Jackson

    Hello Mr. Ward,

    With the season starting in less than a week, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and the rest of the Steelers much success. I have confidence that this team has the talent to withstand Ben’s suspension and be in a position to make a serious push for the division title and playoffs. I’ll be there to watch the team play Oct 3.

    Go Steelers,

    Ed J.

  108. Helen Irene Count-Wayt

    Thank you so very much to the Steelers for your donation to the Uniontown Amateur Radio Club’s 61st annual gabfest.

    Uniontown Amateur Radio Club is hosting a picnic at W3PIE’s clubhouse on Sunday, 12 September 2010 at 3 p.m..

    Everyone is welcome to attend. Bring your family & friends.

    Perishable items from our 61st annual gabfest are being donated to the Salvation Army food bank. Non-parishable leftover items from the gabfest will be served at the picnic. You are welcome to bring what you like (as long as it is legal). If anyone has a volleyball & net, or any other sports equipment they are willing to let us use during the picnic, please let us know

    All ideas &/or donations for the picnic are definitely welcomed. We would like to thank all volunteers, donators, attendees of our 61st annual gabfest. We will also be discussing the upcoming Gateway Clipper outing to which everyone is also invited (date for Clipper outing will be decided at the picnic). This is also about having a family fun time, so please join us.

  109. Terrance Taylor

    Hey Champ, that was an awesome interview at the close of the game against the panthers. Excellent comments on Dennis Dixon and the team overall. You Da Best 86! Hey fun factoid: You know the term 86′d when someone gets kicked out of a bar? …That’s my new nickname for you…when you blast someone, I’m gonna say they’ve been 86′
    Go Steelers!!! Let’s do this! :-D

  110. Marilyn Stanko

    I fully respect you as the greatest football player with the Steelers and now llive in Florida and watch the games faithfully. You stand for honor, integrity and hard work. I wish you the best this year and God bless you everyday at practice and keep you in his hands for safety and bless your family. Your mother has done the besst job ever in raising you and should be proud of you. Good luck and “GO STEELERS”

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  112. Tammy Baker

    Hi Hines,
    I am a prek teacher at a small school and I have worked with children from varied backgrounds and with varied special needs for almost 20 years. I just wanted to drop a quick few lines and say how wonderful I think it is that you take such an interest in our kids. They really do look up to you ( I can’t tell you how many 4 year olds come to school sporting your jersey!) and so many others are projecting the wrong image and are not good role models for the younger generation. I am right there with these young minds eveeryday, and I hope you know that you really are making a difference just by being yourself!
    Have a great and safe season, Hines! Soooo happy that you are a Steeler and also sooooo happy that the season is starting once again!!! GO STEELERS!!!!!

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  115. Paul

    Mr. Ward,

    I recently sent an email to Mr. Andrew Ree regarding you. I love the fact that you reach out to the community. My boss, Miss Joyce Ellis does the same. I really hope that the two of you could get in contact one day because you reach out to our youth as does she. Her Camp Challenge program came to the trianing camp over the summer. It was a wonderful experience for the youth. She has also worked with Mr. Blount and his youth home. I know you are extremely busy, but I hope that I could hear from you. I think that your a sports athlete that is a very positive role model. The children in our community need that.

  116. Bri Franklin

    Greetings Hines!
    First off, let me just say you have a huge following of Steelers fans in Bowling Green, Kentucky and we are so excited that we landed tickets to the Titans game this Sunday and to see you and the team in action!! Good luck!

    Secondly, I know you get all kinds of requests from crazy fans on a daily basis, but I promise I’m not crazy. Just taking a huge leap of faith that you’ll be able to help me out. My best friend, Sara, is turning the big 30 on December 13th and she wants nothing more than to be up in Pittsburgh for the game against Cincy on the 12th so she can turn 30 in Pittsburgh. So we are working to make that happen.

    Not only is Sara a huge Steelers fan, but she is an even bigger fan of yours. You may not recall, but back in 2007, a group of us drove up to Pittsburgh for the Monday night game against the Ravens. The Saturday before the game, we were at the Locker Room and to our amazement, you walked in and started bartending. I mean seriously, we all thought we had one too many shots and were delusional. The special was $1 Bottles and my husband was in such shock when he ordered 2 beers from you, he gave you a twenty and told you to keep the change :) Unfortunately, Sara was not able to make the trip with us, but being the good friend that I am and you being the great guy that you are, I called her on my cell and you were nice enough to speak to her for a couple of minutes. She about died when I got back on the phone with her afterwards!

    Anywho, what I was hoping you could help me out with is I would like to get a #86 jersey signed by you wishing Sara a happy 30th and then have it framed for her birthday present. If I sent you a jersey, is there anyway you could sign it and send it back to me? You have no idea how much it would mean to her.

    Please let me know if this is possible and again, good luck this season, stay healthy this season and KEEP SMILING!!!

    All the best,

  117. kathleen/phillip

    my oldest son phillip an i just want to say great game guys. we both love the steelers an have forover 2 decades now . phillip loves sports an you are his rolemodel for sports no matter what happens on trhe field you always have a smile on your face just like him when he runs track an field in the spring an summer for area M special olympics. my son in my opinon is your biggest fan ever . one of these years soon i will be bringing him to see his first game in person. at hines field. until then keep up the good work on the filed an off your a inpriration to alot of people. go sttelers

  118. Terri Ferry

    Hines, We Love You!
    I’ve been a die hard Steeler fan since 1975, when they won their first Super Bowl! I get upset when I can’t see the game- they don’t always televise it where I live! Yet they show other insignificant teams-UGH. You are a great player, and we are looking forward to a great season!

  119. willi

    Pasadena, Maryland near baltimore.
    Hines just beat the ravens when you guys play them here in baltimore, they hate that and are mad for days they really hate you here.
    they call you a dirty player , not true you are an exteremely talented future Hall of famer for sure .
    Steeler fan living amongst the enemy. p.s hard to see every game thank god for Steeler bars in the area.

  120. April Ling

    I just want to say thank you for being such a wonderful person, athlete and someone people can look up to including my three little cousins who adore you! We all love your smile and to see it when you make a wonderful play (makes me giggle every time). In the many years I’ve been watching you I still enjoy every moment of it. You never give up and go so far beyond what is expected of you and I love that. I can see without a doubt that your heart is in what you do and everything else is just a bonus! I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming season and can’t wait to watch all you have to offer! Although it hasn’t worked out for me yet…one day I want to get to training camp and meet you in person if only for a second! Love ya and hope the very best for you in everything you do. You really do deserve it!

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  122. LaurenR

    Hey Hines.
    I think that it’s really amazing how you are juggling your face book, this website, and the 2010 NFL season. Since you want to hear from fans I thought it would be cool if I asked you for ideas to get your parents to cave in to taking me to a STEELERS(: game in Pittsburgh. Great game today and last week keep it up and hopefully I will see you in a game towards the end of the season!

  123. Jackeline Sails

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  124. Nicholas B.

    Hey Hines,
    I’m not sure if you actually read these with the season and all, but I felt I had to make an effort to let you and the rest of the Steelers know how impressed we were with the win in Nashville! I am a life long Steeler fan, but have never seen such guts and determination as was displayed by you and the team last Sunday. With all the adversity thrown at the team, it was inspiring to see how you all came together and supported one another when needed. If possible let the defense know, especially Mr. Timmons, that their effort did not go unnoticed; especially at the end when they were totally exhausted and still found enough in the tank to finish the game out! Regardless of what the media said or says, there was no doubt in my mind y’all would get the job done! I hope you and the rest of the Steelers know how great of an example you set Sunday to my son and all Steeler fans out there to never let up no matter what is thrown at you. Not that it means anything coming from me, but please give Mr. Polamalu a big CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of his son! Good luck to you and the rest of the team the rest of this season. We are truly blessed to have you to look up to.

    1. Tim "SteelerB " Begin

      Amen – seriously what a great win playing in a hostile stadium plus dealing with hostile weather! Great heart, will and conditioning ! You all make us proud to wear our black and gold!!!!

  125. RaShun Myles

    I jus wanna say dat I’m a big fan!!! I am from Monroe, La. ur old stompin ground!!! I hav actually been tryin 2 make contact with u for quite a while now!!!! I am a Pop Warner league coach and all,and I would love for u to meet da kids that I have da pleasure to work wit!!! Well Hines I want u and Da Fellas to keep up the good work!!! i am a die-hard Steeler fan!!! I was the first one to greet our coach when he flew into Monroe earlier this year!!! a great moment n my life!!! I was present n Tampa for you alls victory in the Super Bowl!!! Take care n continue to be the Captain of the ship!!!

  126. Jin Stearns


    I’m sure you get more than your share with emails/letters/twitts. So, I’ll make this very short. My name is Jin Stearns, Korean born lived in America via “adoption”. I also am part of the bi-racial marriage, where I have 24 year old and 6 year old, Korean/American children. I also do public public speaking for the Foster Home/Oprhanages. Speaking about what it was like to be different and “homeless”. My son has gone through some tough times growing up because he was “mixed” and was questioned by many as to what/who he was. Conclusion, I would like to talk to you on how we can continue and make this program “huge” success in partnership with you. You have the public respect, I have the story to tell, together we can make this a big SUCCESS. Hope to hear from you in the very near future. Continue success.


    Jin Stearns

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  128. Carol Mellovich

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  130. Tim "SteelerB " Begin

    Hines – you sir are the most classiest / tough football player in the whole NFL ! My helmet goes off to you for the way you conduct yourself on and off the field. You are an inspiration to the young and old alike. You are what makes the NFL great. And just think, everytime you make a ferocious hit or take one, and come up smiling, you make hundreds of thousands of people acrossed the world smile along with you ! =)
    Thank you for being you !

  131. Lisa R.

    Mr. Ward,

    I want to thank you for your class, grace and professionalism on and off the field. You have such a caring soul, and in a world where a lot of NFL players think they are better than everyone else, it is wonderful to see. Congratulations on your new appointment given to you by President Obama!! You will do great things in your new position.

    Every time I watch you play, I can feel your love of the game. Whether your making a fantastic catch, throwing up a wonderful block, or taking a hit yourself, you always come up smiling. You make watching the beloved Steelers a lot of fun!!

    Thank you and keep smiling!!

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  138. Tim

    I just hung the 10,000 yard jersey that I bought off your site, and let me tell you it makes a great addition to my collection of Steelers memorabilia! When you play Cleveland this year in Cleveland, you have an open invitation to stop in and see it in person!

  139. Rene Christman

    Dear Mr. Ward,

    I have sent you several letters to Pittsburg, not sure if you recieved them but I am sending you another today when I found this website. It is important to me. If there is another way to get it to you would you please let me know. It has to do with some kids here where we live. We are proud of all of the Steelers, you all have been doing great but most of all, everyone looks like they are having fun too..something I have not seen for a while. Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you soon. God Bless You and keep you and your family safe.

  140. Tara Nardi

    Dear Hines,
    Just wanted to say I think it is great that you have always remembered where you came from, so many people not just players reach fame and frotune and seem to forget their roots. Now I am no one special, Im not rich but I have been a HUGE steelers fan since I was a little girl, and let me just say growing up in Eagle country Steelers fans were few and far between. I just wanted to say thank you for being a “real” player and for all that you do both on and off the field, It would be Great if you and a few Steelers could do an appearance in Altoona, Just a thought. Thanks again
    Tara Nardi

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  227. Michelle

    Love your site! Wish I could see the games but living in Kansas all I get is the Chiefs and Broncos.
    I hear that it was a really good game other than the outcome! Good Luck the rest of the season and will be checking back here often.

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  239. Bonnie Beck

    Hey Hines! Are you going to be posting your contest for your Foundation on Facebook or just on your website since you said it starts 10-10-10? Just wondering.Love You Your #1 Fan…Me.

  240. James Buster

    Hi Hindes my entire family our Steeler fans especially my son Korbin and I and I was wondering if I gave you our address if you could send us one picture of yourself and autograph it ? My son would be so happy he would be up in the clouds LOL . So if you could do this for my son I would really appreciate it so if you could send me something to my e-mail address and let me know and here is our address Jamey Buster, 1701 West 8th Street, Marion, Indiana 46953. Thank you so much Hines.

  241. Sylvia Grimes

    Dear Hines,

    •*¨*•♫♪ Here We Go ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸☺ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Steelers ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸☺ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Here We Go ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸☻ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪…

    Good Luck in the game Next Sunday. I used to work for Franco Harris, Rocky Blier, and Randy Grossman. I was paralyzed in 2005 but have fought back to walk. Hines it would be such an Honor to meet you. I went to see South Korea on the internet after the first time you went to visit,it was on the news. The Country is beautiful Hines! You should be proud of your heritage. It is a wonderful Foundation you have I read it on your new website here. I feel as being a person Paralyzed-dis-abled that I can feel your heart in helping the less fortunate. You are doing a wonderful thing from your heart and that is what counts, Hines. Keep up the good work off the field as well as on the field . Good Luck on next Sunday Steelers!!!!!

  242. Sylvia Grimes

    Dear Hines,

    Good Luck in the game Next Sunday. I used to work for Franco Harris, Rocky Blier, and Randy Grossman. I was paralyzed in 2005 but have fought back to walk. Hines it would be such an Honor to meet you. I went to see South Korea on the internet after the first time you went to visit,it was on the news. The Country is beautiful Hines! You should be proud of your heritage. It is a wonderful Foundation you have I read it on your new website here. I feel as being a person Paralyzed-dis-abled that I can feel your heart in helping the less fortunate. You are doing a wonderful thing from your heart and that is what counts, Hines. Keep up the good work off the field as well as on the field . Good Luck on next Sunday Steelers!!!!!

  243. Debbie

    just wanted to let you know i complement you on all you have done for the kids in the pa area. and other areas. My son was going to Art Institute of Pittsburgh to be a chef. He remembers seeing you and other team members one nite in downtown pittsburgh and was just extatic and called me right away…On March 23,2010 he was attacked by someone and his head was cracked open and put in a coma and to this day is still in a coma. He admires all of the steelers and we play the games for him in his room. thank you all for being there for my son.

  244. Idella Speciale

    Hines, this has been such an exciting and frustrating year for all of you. I have been a Steeler fan for 20+ years. I remember as a little girl, my dad would sit in his favorite chair watching the game. Hooting, yelling and sometimes scaring the life out of us while doing so when the Steelers would make a touch-down. To this day, that tradition still continues. My mom on the other hand, would be in the kitchen making dinner and her Steeler ceramic figurines that she would arrange on green heavy felt board offense and defense style. She even had the referees on that board! Mom was a HUGE hit with those. People would get their orders in as soon as they could. Sometimes, when the game is on. I reflect back and really miss those days growing up as a child. My goal someday is to get my dad at a Steeler game. I would love to see his expression and enjoy the embarrassment of him yelling down at the field when the Steelers score a touch down. Good Lord! I can hear it now. Well, just thought I would share some good old fashion Steeler memories with you and some of the other fans here. Hope I didn’t bore anyone to much with my rambling? Thank you Hines and the rest of Steeler team for the wonderful memories both as life of a child and now as an adult. James Harrison, we love you and hang in there! GO STEELERS!!!!!!<3

  245. Ann Larissey

    Dear Hines,
    I have been a Steelers fan since the Bradshaw days when my cousin and I would go out and play football in mud and snow. I just wanted to tell you what an awesome player and person I think you are. You are an outstanding role model for children of all ages. I stay dedicated to the Steelers in part to the dedication, respect, display of what it means to be a team. I feel this starts with the Roonies and is carried out in the character of the Pit. players. You for one really know how to support your players. Go Hines and best of luck.

  246. Lisa B

    Hines… I just love you to death i swear!! LOL!! I absolutely looove just the way you seem to always, always have that SMILE on your face..hehe it makes my day everytime I watch a game, I guess cause I usually walk around with a big ole smile I dont feel alone haha, but seriously I have so much respect for you and the entire STEELERS team of course that win yesterday was waaay to close for my comfort (just mine, just sayin lol) I had all the faith in u guys to win. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! I wish you nothing but happiness and good health for you!! Take care, looking forward to the next game!! GO STEELERS!!~ XOXO

  247. Lisa R.

    Mr. Ward,
    I just saw your Halloween costume on and I love it. You look fantastic!! Keep up the great work!

  248. Terri H

    First I would like to tell you what a joy it is to watch you play football. You have such integrity and I absolutely love your smile, it never leaves your face and that just goes to show how much you love what you do. My mother has been a fan of he Steelers since 1972 (she is about to be 63), me a little later in life 1985 (and turn 43 on Nov 6), but we live to watch the Steelers play. My mom and I recently looked into coming to a home game but ticket prices are so far out of our budget sadly we had to give up the idea. I was hoping to give my mother tickets to a game for her birthday but had to leave my job for health reasons and will not be able to do so. I watched her sit for hours trying to find tickets that we could afford (when I was working) and felt horrible when I watched her excitement turn to sadness. I tell you this because I want you to understand how much she loves the Steelers and she lights up when she sees you come up with that smile on your face. My mother is my best friend and has done so much for me that I just wanted to do something so unbelievably special for her on her birthday in December but since I can’t I want to thank you for making watching the Steelers play that much more enjoyable. Continue in your outstanding success on and off the field and plase stay safe out there on the field. You are truly missed in this household when we do not get to see that smile. Best wishes to you and to a winning season for the Steelers. Warmest regards, Terri

  249. karen f

    my mother has lived in a personal care home and the place gets decorated in the fall with the Steelers theme in many of the halls. I was wondering if there was someway that you could send some of them some arm bands, or signed pictures or some small memorabilia that they could hang in their rooms or on doors. when the games are on, the people living in the same hall as my mother are watching and cheering..many watch on the big screen t.v. in the activity room. the Steelers are the team of the home….thanks

  250. Price

    Hey, Hines.
    Do you realize that you’re an ICON in Pittsburgh on the same level as the 70s greats and maybe even more so than “The Bus”? What’s great is you’ve worked your but off and earned your status in Steelers Nation.
    When T.O. was doing his little mime TD celebration in Cincinnati I just yelled at the TV “You ain’t got ring and you sure as hell don’t have 2 of them like Hines!” LOL!
    It thought to my self what little respect WRs like him and Chad Johnson have from the rest of the NFL and teammates and are primarily going to be remembered not for their play on the field but their negative disposition. Where as you will be remembered for your team play and lack of ego and your TWO FAT RINGS! Hopefully you’ll get 3!

  251. Michelle Bishop


    I am puting together an organization to help local homeless shelters that have children. I want to make sure that these kids get a gift this Christmas. Whether its a toy, or a pair of shoes, it is my goal to get as many donations as possible to support these places during the holidays.

    I know what a great human being you are, and I am a HUGE fan :) I hope your head is feeling better today. I hated seeing you on the sidelines Sunday. :(

    If you would be soo kind to take a moment to look at my website and contribute anything, it would mean the world to these kids. There are over 100 children at these shelters, so I am trying to raise $2500 or more to purchase items for these kids. I am reaching out to ALL of my friends, family, etc.

    It would be MORE than awesome if you shared this site with your teammates. I am a HUGE Steelers fan, LOYAL and TRUE!!

    Take care Hines and God Bless!
    Michelle Bishop
    Good Deeds Done 4 U, LLC

  252. Dennis Kuhn

    HInes Ward!!!! You are my fsvorite player of all time man!!!! I have your jersey your sweatshirt,im trying to collect all your football cards I almost got them all lol All I need is your rookie card lol You have been such a role model for me, you play the game hard with such heart and compassion and you always have a smile on your face. Your also my moms favorite player, the way you play the game is ubelievable man, you never give up and you try to be in on evry play. Im 19 and I been following you ever since you were drafted. Thanks for all the goodtimes man keep it up!!!! You will always be my favorite player and my favorite steeler.

  253. Denise

    Hines my name is Denise. Thanks for REPRESENTING!!!! You know how to do it. Gifted in your athletic abilities. A Top Performer in every sense of the word. You leave it all on the field. You have a smile that lights up any dark space. Professional, Classy & Handsome. THE TOTAL PACKAGE. God bless you in all of your future endeavors.

  254. Plastic Fabrication

    I am quite delighted to locate this site.I needed to say thank you to you for this excellent read!! I certainly liked each and every part of it and I have you book marked to look at new stuff you publish.

  255. Marshall and Kathy Eagle

    Dear Mr. Hines Ward,

    My name is Marshall Eagle. I believe that I am one of a few that knew Mr Gayle Sawyers, Mr. Bob Hayes, and Mr Walter Payton at one time or another in my life. My sons have the same kind of childhood background that you experienced in your life. We pray that one day that will change in their lifetime.

    When we compare the Rocket, Sweetness, and Mr Speed – we have to honest say that you “Sir” are among that group of players in every sense of the word. You are the best amongst the best for all to see.

    I keep telling my two small sons that whatever doesn’t destroy you – will make you stronger. They are very quite and shy kids who I pray will one day make a friend.

    Please be Safe, have fun, and may God bless,

    Marshall and Kathy Eagle

  256. Linda Wissinger

    Hello Hines,

    I love your website and I am proud to say that I have been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers since I was a little girl. I am glad you have this site so i am able to keep up with what is going on with Hines Ward. You are one of my favorite players along with Troy P. I love all you Steelers. Take us to another Championship!

  257. Kim Harrington

    Dear Hines,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for the team. Also, I wanted to voice my opinion on last weeks game against the Oakland Raiders. First off to my chagrin (since I do not have local television stations) therefore not being able to actually watch what transpired I did the next best thing which was to listen to it on either A.M. 1400 or 1250 and watch the yardage and completions on the NFL network. I feel like the league is being very unfair and I also watched a different game lat night (Bengales vs Jets) and there were a lot of the same things being called. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for players safety and all but when they are calling some really petty calls it really is becaoming ridiculous. What next…..Flag Football!!! Anyway, keep up the good work and continue to be one of the most positive players of our time.

  258. Mark Clayton

    Hello Hines, I’ve been a high school football coach in West Virginia for 31 years now and love the physical aspect you bring to recievers in football. Your a great role model to aspiring players as a player and family man. Keep up the great work and Go Steelers!!!!! Good Luck on the rest of the season.

  259. brenda

    hi Hines, just wanted to let you know how much i like and respect you, i love how you reach out to your fans and take time out of your busy sch to to let us know you care. You are truley a class act not to mention one of the greatest players ever to grace the football feild, you will forever be the go to guy and may you forever be a STEELER.

  260. Elizabeth Gomez

    Hi Hines,
    My family has such great respect for you! Not only do we love football, but we also have a deep connection with Asia, having lived in Japan for many years. My husband also lived in Korea. We understand how important your work with Korean mixed children is. Thank you for being a positive figure in football and for children who follow the sport. My son and daughter see you as a role model for excellence in sports and leadership.

  261. Sally Soika

    Dear Hines, I recently took my grandson to his first Steeler Game.It was November 21st this year. He is 11 and his name is Timmy. Watching him as he entered the stadium, he was in awe. The whole trip was a total surprise for his Christmas present this year. The first thing he saw was you and Ben on the field at the beginning warmup. It was as much fun for me as it was him. Thank you for being part of a great team and giving us so much to cheer for each week. Win or loose we will forever be your fans. My daughter flew in from Florida and met us there too. We are very dedicated. Timmy told us afterwards this was his best present ever. As a Grandma, well I am sure you get what I am saying. The pictures are posted on Facebook.Love you and our Steeler boys. Sally and Timmy

  262. bill henderson

    dear mr ward think u are the best reciver the steelers has evere had i love that u are not afriad to hit any body and u take hits and just get u smiling i love that just keep what ur doing and we will win

  263. Sydney Miller

    I believe that this team would not be where it is today if it weren’t for you, Ward. You are such a great leader and role model. We need more guys like you on the team in order to be absolutly perfect. But the team is perfect with you. If we were gone i wouldn’t watch not just the Steelers anymore but football in general. You my favorite player of all time! Even if i may not have a jersey yet, you still # 1. Keep up the outstanding work!

  264. Kim Harrington

    I would also like to add that even though the Steelers do not have cheerleaders (and I totally understand why) I would volunteer to be the teams “Big Sister” in most cases because I have been a Steelers fan my whole life and now I realize at 30 years old that I’m actually older than most players (I think; if not pretty darn close). My husband thinks I could make a good assistant coach in some cases because in my husbands words “You really know what you’re talking about”! What do you think Hines any chance of at least becoming “Team Sister”?!

  265. Ray Zannetti

    I’m glad I found this site. First off, I want to thank you for all the work you do for the the bi-racial children in the ROK. I saw firsthand, the bigotry and hate directed towards these kids and adults when I was there for 2 years in the 70′s. I don’t think there is a better person, leading the fight to end this discrimination over there, than you. You have my utmost respect! Secondly, knocking over a linebacker on a play, knowing full well you got to run a crossing pattern on the next play and get laid out by that same linebacker, then getting up and smiling, makes you one tough cookie and my favorite Steeler of all time. I proudly wear one of my #86 “Psycho Ward” jerseys, that’s what they all say, for every game. The psycho part doesn’t have anything to do w/mental health, rather the way you play, and “I LOVE IT”. You’re the most complete WR in the game today and have been since you came here. Alot of real good receivers have come and gone since you’ve been here. Hmmm, I wonder why? Thanks for bringing joy to me and all the Steeler nation! We love our #86!! “Go Steelers” and “Stairway to Seven”

  266. alba rodriguez

    Hi all,

    I became a steelers fan becuase of my boyfriend. He loved the steelers. unfortunatly he passed away last year in Iraq. Steeler ball remindes me of him and it’s nice to connect with other steelers fan becuase in a way i can feel closer to him.

    much love,
    a. rodriguez

  267. Donna

    ~SMILEY~ A.K.A Hines,
    I think what u have done w/this website is exceptional! It is so great that u still care 2 be close w/ur fans, not alot of players still do that! I am 31 a single parent of 2 boy~14 girl~10! Very Proud of them both! Ur Lil Angel is precious enjoy them while they r young! My whole family has always bled black & gold, as so have I since I was 6! You have always since the first time u stepped on the field been my fav. I just knew from ur smile! I want 2 share something w/u about my life, it’s not supposed 2 be 4 people 2 feel sorry 4 me it’s 2 inspire them! I believe deep in my Heart that we never walk alone no matter what! When I was 25 I was diagnosed w/ Indometriosis, which is a cancer cell in women. Now in the finding in my test I had it for 3yrs & did not know. After 6 months of numerous test I found out it had went full blown cancer & attacked every female part plus my kydneys, pancreous, bladder, & so on! I had a hysorectomy & other numerous surgerys! I always said I was young when I had my gifts from God (Ryan & Destiny) but, now im glad because I would of never had them if not! Threw all this what gave me faith was u, ur stories, & def. ur smile! I would put a game in from the past see ur smile & know life would be ok! & I want u 2 know Hines I fought threw it all just as u do on the field & beat it! Now, like I said im 31 now I recently found out 3 months ago I have breast cancer & have decided 2 put things aside for awhile before having surgery or kemo. But, once again watching u smile every sunday has given me the faith 2 believe! I know everything will be ok I truely feel it! I want u 2 know u r truely an inspiration 2 so many people!! & what u do was & never will be done by another player in the NFL!! We luv u Hines, stay safe & keep being who u r!! God Bless U, the other players, the coaches staff, Mr. Rooney, ur Familys, & All of Steeler Nation!
    With Love, Donna from Wv.!

  268. Justin Lee

    Hey Hines
    Can you write me a letter of recommendation for medical school?

    I’m asking you because you and I have similar personalities. Every time you wear the pads and the #86 you do everything in your power to make the plays and benefit the team as a whole. As a fan, I see that, and that is the type of physician I want to be. I want to do whatever it takes to help my future patients, and contribute to health care research. I want to make a difference, as you already have with the biracial children in South Korea.

    Since Pitt School of Medicine is my top choice school, and considering the fact that both you and I have our trademark smiles, I decided to ask you for a letter of rec. When you get your third Super Bowl ring and your second Super Bowl MVP after this season, maybe you can help a Korean brother out?

    With Respect,
    Los Angeles, CA

  269. Ryan Czake

    Hines, When are you going to have another madden tournament! Last year, i wanted to compete but wasn’t 21 yet and couldn’t register! This year however I am old enough and would like to challenge you! If you have x box, I would gladly play you and hopefully you can give me a decent game….

    Thanks a lot,

    Ryan Czake
    Xbox 360 Gamertag- 0yarly

  270. Annarita Howell

    I appreciate the fact that you stick up for your colleagues and voice your opinion clearly. As an educator it is a difficult concept to teach to upcoming athletes who are too young to understand the big picture. I was raised a Steeler fan, married one and currently raising two more. My kids (school and home) know that 16 weeks or 16 years of football is short lived, but your ability to communicate with respect is a lifetime skill.

  271. Gail Dilger

    Hi Hines,
    I have loved the Steeler’s since the days of the Iron Curtain & good ole Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swan….and who can forget Franco Harris?

    The modern day Steeler’s, have come to compare to the Iron Curtain. It makes me so proud to be from Pennsylvania. So many of you seem like such good people, let alone incredible athletes. You are one of my hero’s….I so look forward to watching Steeler football.

    Thank you, and the rest of the team, for many wonderful Sunday & Monday games. Go Steelers!

    Gail Dilger

  272. Tim McCoy

    Hey Hines,
    I am a huge fan. You are a very classy player on the field and off. You can hit with the best of them and take a hit, and get up with that smile you have. Keep up the good work. Just one question, Are you a Christian? You sure fit the part. I love how you handle yourself and the comments that you have made about keeping it clean and foul language. Take care and stay healthy we need you.

  273. Sam


    Dude, you are my idol. I love watching you play because you can play any part. I have seen you play quarterback, runningback, hard hitting blocker, and amazing wide receiver. The thing I love most is that you always come up smiling. No matter how hard the shot you took, the defenders can never wipe that smile off your face. You are not afraid to voice your opinions, despite “political correctness”. I just wanted to let you know that you have made such an impact on me and I hope to see you playing for many more year.

  274. Maria

    Hey Hines,

    I am such a huge fan!! I attended my first Steelers Woman’s Camp this summer and met a few of your teammates. I am also attending another one tomorrow evening, Dec 10th. I am soooo excited! Do you ever get the opportunity to participate in these events? I would love to meet you and get your autograph on the new #86 jersey that my husband just bought for me.

  275. Edy Holmes

    Hey Hines, I am a huge fan!! I love watching you play you are my favorite player. You are always smiling not matter what that is why I love to watch you. GO STEELERS!!!

  276. josh nelson

    hines ward my name is josh and i asked my mom to help me because i wanted to write to you for a long time.i am in third grade and 8 years old. I PLAY football with 9 and 10 year olds in glndale arizona and you are my hero mmy dad is was a steelers fan before i was born so i was born a steelers fan. we wtach every game and last year my cousin was in tuscon because she had cancer and she died so all i wanted to do was play football again and make her happy in heaven. my mom said i could right to you for christmas and that makes me feel better because it is a year since my cousin died and she was only 10 and i get sad but when i watch you play and when i play football i fel better my mom and dad say wen my brother is done with high school he is going to get a present adn it is going to be to see go to pitsburg to see you and polamalo play. i hope he finishes school in 2 years so i can go to pitsburg because i cant wait. i think this is my christmas present because i asked santa to see you but mom and dad siad maybe santa would let me write to you so this is the best present. my mom said you help out people alot and if you were here i think you would have helped my cousins cancer because now my aunt and mom and dad cry alot and my other cousin because we miss her. i think she can see me write now and she will know i am writing you and she will be happy. i know you will win the jets. i will write to santa and tell him thank you for letting me write you and i will watch you every sunday. o can you tell polamalo i said hi because you guys are beasts
    josh nelson

  277. Liz Miller

    Hey Hines =)
    I just wanna say that I am a huge fan…have been since I got into football several years ago…the thing I love the most right now is that I get to share my love of all things Steelers and Hines Ward with my 4 year old nephew…You are his favorite player!! He knows alot about you…whenever we play football, he is always the Steelers (most times he makes me be the Bengals) and if he is catching the football he is always you (and he ALWAYS gets a touchdown lol)…the other day he asked me if I would take him to a Steelers game and let him meet you…I told him that if I ever make enough money I will totally take him…he then sweetly looked at me and said, “Aunt Lizzy, when I get big and make money, I’m going to take you to see the Steelers and you can meet Hines Ward too” Like I said earlier, I am a huge fan…Thank you for all the hard work and heart you put into every make football a great sport to watch…much love to you and your family..Merry Christmas! …GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

  278. Paul Holliger


    I have been a Kentucky fan all of my life and absolutely DREADED seeing my Cats play Georgia when you played for them. HOWEVER, being a Steelers fan I have always appreciated your toughness and leadership. Thank you for all of your years of dedication to Pittsburg and being the definition of a professional athlete. I wear my 86 jersey with pride and will be able to for many years to come.

  279. ezra scott butera

    ive been having a bout with cancer – stage 4 two places, had my right lymph nodes and 1/3 my tongue removed, radiation subsaquently destroyed my teeth, and i had to spend 20 hours in a hyperbareks chamber before and after having them removed. i was diagnoased just after my beloved steelers won sb xl, so i figured my # was up. i lost 3 om grandparents to it, and my momz 3 mothers days back, i figured idve been dead two years ago- as every 1 i ever knew had any cancer,died in a matter of months- you are the toughest wide out ever- bar none- please correct steve sabol, tommy maddox had two great seasons with you- and reidorate, its how many times you get back up that counts- and deepest sympathies to bill c. he lost kay to cancer this year- keep being you, and god willing ill be watching you eat up the best the nfc has to offer in tx february, as you earn your second sb mvp

  280. Connor

    Hello My name is Connor and ever since my mom brainwashed me as a kid into liking the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1 Player has always been on my mind and that player is and will always be my inspiration and my favorite player in every sport I watch! This would be Hines Ward, I have been a DIE HARD Steeler fan through all the aches and pains we have gone through, and through all the (SIX BTW) super bowls we have won. Now I know FOR SURE that without a doubt in a Steeler fan or not a Steeler fans mind that my boy Hines will make it to the Hall of Fame.

    Now one of my friends, her uncle is the wide receiver coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers and she always brags about having box seats and hanging out with Mike Tomlin and the Steelers after the game. I have asked her several times if I ever go to a Steeler game (ALREADY BEEN TO A COUPLE IN DENVER BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE I’M FROM COLORADO) she would give me at least front row seats next to the Steelers bench. You don’t get how much I love the Steelers, its to hard to explain but they WILL ALWAYS BE my most favorite sports team. If I could meet Hines Ward and to go to a game in Pittsburgh with the team I would probably faint because every player on that team are simply incredible athletes. Now I am not asking for this, I am simply just stating that if you were to tell me that Hines Ward (THE GREATEST PLAYER THAT EVER LIVED) NO JOKE! wanted to hang out with me my mom would faint also we’d be dead on the ground she is just as much as a Steeler fan as I am. We are VERY loud at steeler games whether its in a bar, at home, or even at the game, even when people give us dirty looks, we stay Steeler strong and that’s how every Pittsburgh fan is, in my opinion we are the loudest and most obnoxious fans on the face of this planet period! AND WERE PROUD OF IT!!!

    Thank-you for sharing your time in reading this and I would love to hear back from you even if its a email saying you don’t care ( that wouldn’t be nice… haha) but anyway I am 15 almost 16 years old boy from Colorado that just wants to watch his steelers play and dominate might i add.

    Once again THANKS!,

  281. water damage corona

    Amazing post! I initially found your blog a sometimes a week ago, and I subscribed for your RSS feed the very same day. I have several cool ideas for many upcoming posts you might write. I¡¯ll send you a message shortly. Keep up the truly great work.

  282. Baltimore's #1 Graffiti Artist

    Saturday is the biggest day for Steelers Nation. Normally, I would just say I’m a huge fan. This time, it’s something more. This organization has been the classiest, & most powerful franchise in the NFL. The team plays football the way it should be played, with physicality and mentally tough attitudes. Over 60,000 will be waving their towels Saturday night. Soak the energy in, and let yourselves be a part of something big. Represent to the world, do it for all the victims of these nasty crimes, show Baltimore, New York, and New England that you will not give up, and blow anyone in your way out. Make sure there is no tomorrow for these teams! Here we Go!!

  283. Midge Klotz

    All I can say is GREAT GAME! I am yelling at my TV & my parrot is yelling back, “What?” Fun was had by all!

  284. Kacee Church

    Great game yesterday! One more to do before the big one here!
    I’m from Nebraska and I’ve been a Steelers fan since I was in middle school. We recently purchased our first home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The thought of having my Steelers in my own backyard for the Super Bowl is almost too much to take. As a teacher at a charter school, the price of tickets is even harder to fathom. Sadly, the rational side of me that cannot spend my savings on a single ticket tells me that I will not be seeing the game in person. Know that I will be a couple miles away cheering my little heart out!

  285. Rodrigo

    Good afternoon Hines.
    I just want to state that I’m a huge 33-year-old Steelers fan, and I consider you to be one of the greatest players that’s ever played for the Steelers. You make us proud, day in and day out, showing that hard work and sacrifice lead to excellence. What guys like you, Troy, Big Ben and Coach Tomlin are able to do, and how you manage to deliver makes us more and more unconditional, die hard fans.
    I wish you nothing but the best in your personal and professional life and want to give you the most sincere thank you.

  286. Dana

    I was born in West Mifflin Pa but moved when i was 3 years old when the steel mill closed and my dad lost his job at that point we moved to Rhode Island. growing up i was raised as a steeler fan im 30 years old now and still a die hard steeler fan. My jersey is always a Ward jersey i love the fact that years ago you said you would never play for another team in the nfl for the fact that when you were growing up in Pa you watched the Steelers at 3 rivers stadium, my father welded the goal posts at three rivers stadium when he worked for US Steel. you r such an idol for so many people i hope u always stay the way you r true to yourself i work for a korean doctor and i have learned a lot about the culture it makes me proud that you still stay true to your korean roots you r just a man of many talents and pride never lose that the steeler nation loves you . go steelers lets get # 7 this year

  287. Trishia


    My son Jarrod is coming up on his third year of midget football. Like you, he is very passionate about the game. I have been a diehard Steeler fan my entire life! You guys rock!!!!!! I absolutely love the smile on your face through the entire game, every game. Jarrod is also a huge fan. He watches every game with me and has even yelled at the television a couple of times! So cute!!

    Jarrod has made it his mission to play for the Steelers when his time comes but has suffered so many set backs the past couple of years. He has just had the privelage of experiencing the position of RB and scored his very first touchdown this season!!!! We are so proud and even purchased a football ornament for our Christmas tree with the date of his accomplishment. If you have the time, I am sure he would appreciate any words of encouragement from you. His greatest fear is that he will not be as talented or personally grounded as you and his father and I will in turn not be proud of him. This fear is causing him to hold back during the game. He has a great deal of potential especially for a child with ADHD! We will be heartbroken if he gives up and have assured him we are proud of him no matter what. Even if he doesn’t play for the Steelers.

    Again, we absolutely love you as well as the entire team and staff!!! Go Steelers!!! Here is to #7 baby!!

  288. rick gilmore

    i am 11yrs old and i think youre great. about a month ago i had a tumor removed from my brain and now im going threw radiation treatments. i told my parents that if hines ward wouldnt ever give up, i wont give up either. thank you for all your inspiration! keep up the great work and stay strong. i was just wondering if i could get an autographed picture from you? if not, i will totally understand you are very busy. thanks again and take care of yourself. youre the best. good bye.




  289. lorrie

    We made it down from London Ontario Canada for two games this year…regular season vs. the Pats (ugh) and the AFC Championship game…the crowd was crazy and the result was fantastic. My husband has been a fan since the early 70′s and I try to get us down to a game once a year. We did get to XL in Detroit. That was on my husband’s lifetime ‘to do’ list! It’s wonderful when the chatter is focused on the other team and then wham! We now have a new Steelers fan; my niece who couldn’t help but get caught up in her uncles enthusiasm for his team…fun to watch someone ‘get it’. Knock it out of the park in Dallas! Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

  290. Bob

    I’m looking forward to watching Hines in yet another Super Bowl. Steeler fans are the best – they even have their own comic strip now . Check it out. It’s called “Fans N’at” at (or
    Here we go Steelers!”

  291. sole'

    hey mr.ward i luv u so teacher is miss.snuggs and she loves u and troy.i was wandering i f u could pay a vist 2 miss.snuggs 4th ggrade class.its in charlotte,north carolina.I’LL BE WATCHING YOU ON THE SUPERBOWEL THIS SUNDAY PLEASE DONT LET ME DOWN.i love you

  292. Michael Chung

    Hey Hines
    You are the inspiration in my life at the moment. I currently play high school football at West Port and I too play wide receiver. In addition, I am half South Korean and half American and when I found out that you too are Korean and what you went through as a young man, you instantly became my idol that I can relate to. I can only hope that one day I can become as great as you.
    Thanks for everything,
    Michael Chung

  293. Travis

    Just want to say you played one hell of a game tonight in the Super Bowl, Hines. A shame you guys came up short, you may have had your second MVP! Three Super Bowl appearances in Six seasons, two titles and an MVP. I know it stings right now, but believe me, when you look back, you’ll realize that was one heck of a run and makes any Steelers fan proud!

  294. Holly

    True fans love you guys, win or lose. I’m so proud of you all for the awesome season you had when no one thought you would even get to the playoffs. Eight SuperBowl games!!! Wow; are you kidding me?? That’s something of which you can be proud. To come back from a 24-3 deficit and darned near win the game is beyond phenominal. We love you guys, and it breaks our hearts to know how much it hurt you to lose last night. God Bless America, and my beloved Steelers!!!!!!!!!

  295. Freedom Mushaw

    Hello Anyeong hasayoe! Freedom imnida!
    . Thank you thank you thank you.

    As a mixed kid I want to thank you. We have many pressures on us but to not be accepted as who we are and asked to choose is the worse. To choose a side is to show disrespect to all the work that our family sacrificed for us against the odds!
    I don’t have money, I have brains, hands, and capability to accomplish things. That’s what I’d like to offer. I’d like to volunteer my self to this cause. The damage it does to a Childs self esteem, I can not put in words with out being long winded and emotional. I grew up in both Korean American communities, and European communities (in Europe) and a few mostly “black”communities. I found my self adapting to European views as everyone else pressured me. But my Daemo (Korean godmom)… She told me, that no one will accept me^ unless I accept my self, which means accepting I had the best of many worlds!

    Please allow me to help make this change by being involved in the process.
    Please excused typos this was done on my cell.;)

    Ty Ty

  296. Glenn

    Hey Hines-

    Just took a look at your store. $152 for a $2 poster? $700 for smelly shoes? Just $1600 for a smelly jersey with your name on it??? Man, you really know how to give back to the Pitt-town fans that are the ones who support you and make you what you are! I bet you’d sell your own mother if you smelled a profit.

    What a sad pathetic loser you are …

    ps – love the images on the net of you crying like a little girl! Can I get an autographed picture of that?

  297. Wanda

    @ Glenn, you are the loser you know nothing about Hines, because if you did you would know that the money from the items he sells is donated to Helping Hands for disadvantaged kids. You are a sad individual with nothing better to do then to hate on someone who has more talent in his pinky finger than you can ever dream of having in your lifetime! And yes he did cry because he has heart something you lack! Go some place else and spread your hate he doesn’t want it nor does he deserve it!

    We love you Hines and will always stand beside you no matter what! <3

  298. Glenn

    Funny Wanda .. I loved this article btw:

    Seems odd that such a generous man won’t even show up to meet fans and sign a piece of paper unless he receives no less than $175 per precious signature. I’m **SURE** it’s all due to generosity and charitable giving. :)

    Also I looked around and can’t find where it says that Hines Ward donates 100% of the proceeds from his sales to charity. Where does Hines state that again?? Did you make that up?

    And for the record, I don’t hate Ward, I just think he’s a greedy, self-promoting (to the point of embarrassing) athlete that looks to take full advantage at every turn of the very fans that made him what he is. That’s all …

  299. Tanya

    With out those very costly turn overs, I think Green Bay would still be at 10 or 14. Great team! Steelers are way too tough not to return to super bowl!

  300. Dwight

    Hey hines do u know that we are related? I am your cousin. we don’t know each other at all. My mom and grandma etc. have told me that you are my cousin. and I know its true. so nice to comment on your website cousin Ward(:

  301. Alex

    Hey Hines!,

    Just wanted to drop in and say I think I speak for all of Steeler Nation when I say that we are all proud of your efforts this past season. Too bad it couldn’t be pulled off. I was hoping to get a chance to see you all down in Fort Worth, my home town, but unfortunately I only got to downtown once because of my work schedule. I hope you all are back down here soon and maybe I’ll run into you if you all are here soon. Can’t wait to see you all play next year! Thanks for this season!


  302. Ilean Ulic

    MR. Ward,
    Your da BEST wide receiver dat eva lived!!!1 Do NOT worry abot any HATERS on dis wedsite. Anyoney nos dat you do nuthing but good for yo peoples and all round u. Peoples LOVE u all ova the USA and WORLD!! Im not from Pittsberg but the STEELERS are my team 4 eva! Kepp doing wat u do, WE all much love to you.

  303. jennifer tartaglione

    hines- i love ya, bug guy..thank you for what you do for the abandoned kids in korea that are bi-racial. my sister is out there somewhere in korea too. i hope someday i can reunite with my korean sister. my dad met her mom in korea during the korean war. my dad passed away in 2000. we had looked & looked. i heard about what you do in helping kids be accepted into the korean community after growing up bi-racial. you have educated me about it enough, to give me some insight on what her life must have been like growing up bi-racial. i just need to find my older sister! she might need me, just as much as i need her!

  304. Lifelong Stiller fan


    Don’t sweat the Super Bowl. Yeah, its a tough loss and the Steelers will be back. IMHO you are one of the absolute best. You are definitely ranked up there with the top Steelers of all time; Lambert, Ham, Swann, Stallworth, Harris, Bleier, Greene, Ward! Hang in there; the “Stillers” will be back. Here we go!

  305. Travis


    Go troll somewhere else! You’re clearly a bitter, small Balti-moron fan or some other sorry team that will never reach the level of professionalism the Steelers have achieved. Win with class, lose with dignity. Not whining about practice times or game times, LMAO.

    And those “smelly $700 shoes, $1200 smelly jersey” in question? They are game worn and signed from Hines himself. As a collector, go to NFL auctions or JOS Sports sometime, and see what a “smelly” Peterson, Favre or Aaron Rodgers jersey goes for…try $11,000. And no, I am not making that up.

    Also, at the bottom of his online store, it talks about him matching the sales of these items for his charity.

    To quote the “great” Glenn himself: “What a sad pathetic loser you are …”

  306. Trishia

    @ Glenn,

    I think it is amazing how jealousy rears it’s ugly head when a man such as Hines puts his heart and soul into his profession/love and earns the love and respect of his fans so quickly. Maybe you should try putting your heart and sould into something other than your self-loathing and jealousy so you can reap the rewards of respect and friendship from others.

    @ Travis,

    Thank you for doing the research for the rest of us. My appreciation goes out to you for your work and your willingness to put Glenn in his place. It is soooooo easy to spot TRUE Steeler fans and you are obviously one of us!!

    Heins Ward is one of the most generous and heartfelt professionals I have ever seen. You wear your heart on your sleeve for the world to see and experience with you and we love you for that. Keep up the excellent work and we are looking forward to another wonderful season. Be very proud of yourself as the rest of us are!!!!!

  307. Belinda


    Thank you for a wonderful season! True it did not end the way we both wanted, but I LOVE you and the Steelers. I have never lived in Pittsburgh (Missourian born and bred), but I have been a Steeler fan for what seems like forever. When I was younger I wanted to spend time on Sunday with my father. He was watching football so he told me if I wanted to sit there with him I had to pick a team. I don’t remember who the Steelers were playing but I remember I picked the Steelers to cheer for – and the rest is history.

    I love your smile and the way you bounce up even after a HARD hit smiling! I don’t know how long your career will last, but I pray your smile will last forever!

    Thank you for your dedication, professionalism and just for being Hines Ward – Pittsburgh Steeler.

    KC MO

  308. Stephanie Cendejas

    Hey Hines,I’m really looking forward to seeing you play this upcoming season!!Your my favorite WR in the NFL and I really just admire your character outside of the field.You are an amazing person and I just wanted to ask if you will be doing any meet and greets or signing autographs this summer of 2011?I live in LA and I’m a freshman in college but I would be more than happy to drive all the way down to Pittsburgh just so that I could have the honor to meet you!!You don’t understand,I look up to you so much and that really is my dream :) Please get back to me
    Your #1 cheerleader :)
    Los Angeles,CA

  309. Daniel J Ludwig

    Hey Hines! I’ve been a die-hard Steelers fan since I’ve known what football was. Gotta say, you are my 2nd all-time Steeler. Sorry dude! Nobody passes the Swan-nie! LOL!Your work ethic, on &off the field is a shining example to the rest of the your team and especially the rest of the league. Hopefully, the Steelers will stay in their right minds & continue to have you as a Steeler until you, regretfully, retire. Keep up the great work Mr. Original 15!!!

  310. Diane Planic

    You will always be #1 to the Pittsburgh Nation. We hope you can play football for a long time to come although we know it can’t last forever. You are a terrific person on and off the field. I hope you get another Super Bowl ring before you retire because you deserve it. Keep on smiling!!!!!

  311. Christina Rivers

    Hey Hines,
    Great game during the Super Bowl! You really did it. I wanted to send you the link to the article I wrote (and yeah, I quoted you):

    That’s not my only reason for contacting you though. I signed up for the Club86…and for some reason it didn’t work. Any news on that?

    Hang tough. Glad to hear you’re coming back for another year (as long as the NFL doesn’t mess up that whole situation).

  312. Glenn

    @ Travis

    I read where you wrote:
    > at the bottom of his online store, it talks about
    > him matching the sales of these items for his
    > charity.

    Don’t they teach remedial reading and English as a second language up in the arm Pitt? Let me do your research for you since it requires an IQ > 8 … it says “he [Hines] will match dollar-for-dollar any donations (read: NOT sales items from his store where he fleeces the very fans who made him famous) for ONE MONTH ONLY – December and capped at ONLY 20K. What’s that like .0035% of his base salary before bonuses? Very generous.

    I love the ONE MONTH ONLY thing. He’s afraid some of your Steeler fans might get too generous putting him on the spot to pony up more coin than he’s willing to part with … we can’t have that! heh heh What a guy!

    @ Travis – you clearly can’t read very well. Let me further lend my eyes and my brain on your behalf … the Online Store says that Hines will donate a “portion” of the proceeds to his foundation. What’s a portion? $5? 50c?

    Gosh … let me think about that one for a moment … the guy’s so greedy he limits what he’ll donate to his *own* foundation. Paul Newman gave everything he had, 100% of the profits from his companies and a helluva lot of his personal time to sick children with cancer. *That’s* using one’s fame to really help people in need.

    And he never demanded $175 from anyone for an autograph … that guy had class.


    ps – @ Trishia … his name is spelled H-I-N-E-S.

  313. Glenn

    @ Travis -

    > You’re clearly a bitter, small Balti-moron fan or
    > some other sorry team that will never reach the
    > level of professionalism the Steelers have achieved.

    I feel compelled to address your other rather arrogant comments on behalf of the other 31 fine NFL teams and their millions of fans that you just put down as not comparable to the mighty Steelers (who btw were just recently squashed in the Super Bowl in front of millions) …

    So I guess Green Bay doesn’t match the professionalism of the Steelers? I guess Aaron Rodgers doen’t match the professionalism of Big Ben? Hate to be the one to clue you in on that one, but Roethlisberger is the embarrassment of the entire NFL. A Super Bowl winning QB who forces himself defenseless women … is that what passes for “professionalism” in Pitt-town?

    And regrding you’re comment:
    > Win with class, lose with dignity

    I did catch the Steeler vs Baltimore play-off game where in one of the first plays of the game, Hines blocked Ed Reed to the ground and was basically dry-humping the poor man a full 8 seconds after the whistle blew with 3 flags thrown and just about every other player looking at him with that WTF? look on their face. Was that the “class” you were referring to?

    Just plain embarrassing …

  314. Glenn

    @ Travis -

    Forgot to bring this up … but I was just thinking about Hines’ *generous* matching donation for ONE MONTH ONLY (ended now btw) and ONLY UP TO 20K MAX.

    What’s that … like … the cost of 1 or 2 smelly jerseys and a pair of smelly shoes from his online store?

    Just trying to add a little perspective to this “generosity” thing you people seem to keep trying to hammer home. I do have a math degree, but I can’t seem to makes sense of the equation:

    > 1-2 smelly jerseys + pair smelly shoes = generosity

    Maybe you guys are using the new math … can someone help me better understand this?


  315. Damon

    Ya Glenn … you’re on the money with Paul Newman … what that guy did during his lifetime for sick children was amazing. What an example for us all. I have to admit, even as a long time Steelers fan, you do make a valid point – these players today are so darn greedy it’s plain embarrassing. I tell my sons what it was like when I was in the stands rooting for players like Bradshaw, Swan and Stallworth … different time. Today it’s all about money. Greedy players won’t lift a finger without the incentive of cash. The NFL, the players, the owners, the agents, the TV execs .. they’re all part of it.

    But ultimately we, the fans, play the biggest role. We are the ones who show up to pay $175 for a stupid autograph or $5000 for a “smelly” jersey as you put it. We’re the ones who should be speaking up and not “paying up”.

    And I did see that play where Hines had Reed tackled to the ground for a few seconds … haha. Reed and Hines seem to have a long history. That play did look a little wierd I’ll admit.

  316. Mike F.

    @ Damon
    You are correct that we the fans drive the whole process. If we’re dumb enough to pay, then we get what we deserve. They had an interesting talk on Inside the NFL on SHO about whether “average” fans are the ones attending the Super Bowl and other similar events when the average ticket price is $1200. And $3-$4K on the scalper market.

    @ Glenn
    You do make some valid points, but you need to calm down. I’m surmising you’re a Baltimore Ravens fan? :)

    I do agree that “demanding” $175 per autograph as Hines Ward (and others I’m sure) do is certainly appalling and surely these players are clearly not thinking of giving jack squat back to their own fans with these kinds of behaviors. I did read about Joe Flaco and Ray Rice showing up at a few public events in Baltimore like that Polar Bear plunge thing and signing autographs free for their fans which does make Ward look like a bit of a cad I guess. Maybe he’ll read some of these comments and rethink matters. Kids look up to these guys and they don’t have $175 for an autograph that would mean quite a bit to them.

    And regarding the Roethlisberger scandal, I must agree that this does give the NFL somewhat of a black eye due to BB’s status as a SB winning QB. You can’t have a role model like him caught up in something seedy like that. It’s just not good for anyone. I know a lot of Steeler fans, myself included, really wished the Steelers and BB had pulled off another last minute miracle to help BB put this sad chapter behind him, but alas, it was not to be.


  317. Chris

    Hello Hines, I just want to congratulate you on a great season. It was hard hearing all the Steeler haters put us down, but at least we went to the superbowl. It is also hard hearing people talk about Ben since he is my cousin. My sister passed away January 5, 2011, she new you would make it far this year and I’m sure she was cheering you on from heaven. She never got to go to a game, but enjoyed watching and screaming for you every week. She was my hero and my inspiration. This year I waved two terrible towels one for her and myself. Can you let me know when camp is so I can come up? Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the game.

  318. Deputy Dawg

    Hey Hines!

    I was just wondering what all of your teammates think about your website … especially all of the self-aggrandizing comments you make on here, i.e. “greatest wide receiver ever …”, “he owns every record…”, “equally impressive in character…”no one in the game [compares]…”, etc., etc., etc.

    I’d have to think that your own teammates hate reading comments like that and would create an air of annimosity on the field. After reading your blog, one comes away with the idea that you are the Steelers and vice versa, and all the other players are inconsequential pawns on the chess board that merely revolve around you and exist to give you the praise you appear to require in order to function.

    I looked at Big Ben’s website, and he kind of lets other do the talking .. especially with the images of all the magazines he’s been featured on which is kinda ok. But this is your site and all of these self-promoting comments are apparently coming out of your own mouth or are approved by you which is quite tacky to say the least.

    Rememner – it’s the meek who shall inherit the earth … not the arrogant, pompous, or self-aggranding. Anyway if anyone were to buy in to all the tooting of your own horn, you should have done one HELLUVA lot more in the SB and brought the win home for Pitt.

    But you didn’t. You had an average day by your own lofty standard. Too bad you’re not the player Jerry Rice was or you may have actually helped your team win the Super Bowl.

  319. Lori

    Hey Hines! Gotta tell you that I am totally excited to watch Dancing with the Stars this season!! I nearly passed out when they said your name last night. My husband knows that you are top-notch in my book. I wear your jersey all the time and can’t wait to see you on March 19 in Harrisburg! I am your biggest fan. Much love and good luck on Dancing….I’ll be voting for you every week! <3

  320. Jorden Wilson

    Dear Hines,
    Ever since I was a little girl I was always taught to be a Steelers fan. I’m 15 now and that still follows me through my every day life. I’m a die hard Hines fan. I respect you and everything that you were and have become. You make me beleive that I can faith in anything that I do. Just wanted to say how much you mean to me and my family. (:
    ****Jorden Wilson Spokane Missouri “southern girl”

  321. Jesse Panza

    Dear Hines,

    My birthday is March 8th just like yours. I will be 7 years old this year. I am one of your biggest fans. Let’s GO STEELERS!!!

    Jesse P.



    Hines Ward, Good Luck with Dancing with the Stars. I ‘d like to invite you to warm up those dancing feet @ Our Rock & Roll Wedding March 12 @ The BENEDUM 5:00 & 8:30 7 acts featuring The Drifters & the boys from Turtle Creek THE VOGUES. SHE’S THE ONE MY SPECIAL ANGEL. We met online 1 year ago I am SUPERUSHER volunteering @ The BENEDUM & Byham Theaters since 2000 & @ O’Reilly, Carnegie Hall. I got my dream job 2 years ago ushering @HEINZ Field, where they pay me to watch THE STEELERS. I haven’t missed a game in over 10 years I wear a Hines Ward jersey & my Dad’s Steeler polo under my uniform. I usher well over 100 events each year . Vivian, my bride joined me in ushering even living 100 miles north & already ushed 70+ shows We are the Dancing Ushers. Come Dance with us. It could be spring training for Ben’s July Wedding. B there or B square I know when I watch you that I’m watching a future Hall of FAMEr Go STEELERS

  323. Teresa Bandemer

    Hey Hines, I just wanted to let you know that I think that you are such an AWESOME football player. I also think that you are an even AWESOMER person. Not only do you care about your family and teammates, you care about your fans and the everyday person. You are the type of person that everyone needs to look up to. You are a true role model. You are a hard worker, you respect everyone and you do what you can for people that could use your help. I wish you the very best in all that you do. I wish you well in DANCING WITH THE STAR!!!! I am so excited that you are going to be on it. I will be voting for you every week. I also wanted to tell you that even though I have never gotten the opportunity to cheer you on in the stadium at a game, I cheer you on every game at home with my family. Thanks again Hines for being such a wonderful person!!!! We need more people like you.

  324. Claudia Yeager

    Hello Mr. Ward:

    I just want to thank you and the rest of the Steelers for a great football season. When I watch you guys play and you all come out victorious it brings tears to my eyes. My father, he passed away in 1998, was a huge Steeler fan. He was from Connellsville, Pa. and I was also born there but I was two when we moved to Cleveland. You guys represent so much more to me than just being a first class football team. You all keep all of these great memories of my father and I watching the games together flowing. When these Browns fans attack the Steelers they are jabbing at my Dad too. I take it pretty personal. I know when I am at home watching a game, my Dad is right there with me cheering you on. I love you guys. You all are awesome and you are my favorite player. I just purchased my first Steelers jersy with your number on it. Your a first class act Hines Ward. A true professional in every way. Watching you catch Ben’s passes is like poetry in motion. Can’t wait for football season to start up!!

  325. J-Moon

    I met you in Vegas @ the Palms for your birthday party. I was so caught up in meeting you in that short that I forgot to tell you what I always wanted to tell you.

    Thank you for breaking some racial barriers for us mixed Korean people in Korea & world wide. The way you carry yourself with humble confidence and generosity has opened some hearts in a closed culture.

    Thank you for representing us with class,

    Jonathan Moon

  326. Mia San Antonio-Silvetti

    Dear Hines,

    It was an absolute dream getting to meet you in person today in Harrisburg, PA. I actually felt a little weak in the knees! That’s never happened to me before! I was star struck, I admit it! That’s because, as I had hoped, you had your MVP smile on, and were in great spirits! You can really tell by your actions, attitude, and mannerisms, that you are who you represent yourself to be–that is a rare find in today’s world. The notes and thoughts that you post here and on FB are inspiring, and true. Thank you.


  327. Heather N Welsh

    Dear Hines,

    OMG!!!! Thank you soo much for coming to Harrisburg, PA today!!! I was totally star struck when I actually got up to you and you signed my mini helmet :-D You are such a great person and I absolutely love ya!! It was a complete dream come true! I still feel like I’m shaking!! I almost really didn’t want to leave but I am so greatful for the opportunity to meet you today and I will NEVER FORGET IT!! And I really love what you have done to your website and am glad we as fans are able to expess our feelings on here to you. I only hope to once again be able to meet you. Until then I have my helmet, my photo and most definitely my memory of one of the best days ever!! Thank You “Smiles” :-D

    Heather N Welsh

  328. Shawn Elliott

    I’d like to know if you can “put the bully to rest”. I am an Olweus Bully Prevention Program Trainer. This is a proven program.
    I’d like to train any elementary or middle school of your choice with you as the keynote speaker and the funder. Maximum $10,000. PLEASE look Loris Elementary School website and see them Put the Bully to Rest.

  329. michele ford

    Today at Harrisburg I took my family to meet Hines Ward. Our 11 year old daughter loves the Steelers especially Hines Ward. Our daughter is very shy and gets picked on at school. We took pictures of her with Hines when she was getting his autograph. During the autograph Hines said to me why is she so nervous – he has to remember her. Hines put out his hand for her to shake she was so nervous I had to lift her hand to shake his. What a class act he is. At 18 months old she was diagnosed as disabled and we were told she would most likely not walk again. She has been quite a fighter and at age 11 she is walking and doing things most kids do at her age. The only thing is she has no confidence. The picture of her with Hines was going to be her show and tell at school and a way for her to feel really important by showing her picture from today. Our daughter has the long beautiful brown hair and was wearing a pink 86 jersey. He has to remember her shyness. Hines will remember her father as he met Hines during the G 20 summit – at Pittsburg. We purchased 3 autographs today but the picture with Hines was worth a million dollars today and when we got home our daughter was downloading the pictures on the computer to send to friends and deleted them. We have spent hours trying to recover but unsuccessful.

  330. Jeremy Norris

    Dear Mr. Ward,

    First and foremost I feel compelled to tell you that although I am a die hard San Diego Chargers fan I find you to be one of the single most entertaining and talented players not only in today’s game but in the history of the NFL. I am writing you on my younger brothers behalf. My brother is without a doubt one of your most dedicated fans, he absolutely idolizes you. I can honestly say that he has always loved and respected you not only as a world class athlete but also as a truly amazing role model. He owns multiple jerseys of yours, many memorabilia items of yours, and a shockingly large collection of your football cards. My brothers twenty first birthday is coming up shortly on April 5th and I want to do something very special for him. Not only is my brother your biggest fan but he is also a very wonderful person which I believe has a lot to with having a great mentor and idle such as yourself, so I believe it goes without saying that I truly think he deserves a wonderful birthday present to show how much I love and appreciate him. This is the main reason I am writing you because I think with your help I can give him the single most awesome gift a true Steelers fanatic could ever dream of. With your permission I would like to send you one of his many football cards of you. If you could sign the card and return it to me possibly with a personal letter from you attached, so that I may give it to him on his birthday I would truly be most appreciative. I can assure you that words can not describe how much he would love and cherish a card signed by his hero. I can honestly say that I can completely understand how busy you are not only preparing for next season but also with maintaining your personal life, so if this is not possible for you to do than as I said I will completely understand and I can assure you there will be no hard feelings and you will still remain being one of my absolute favorite players. I truly hope to get a reply from you telling me where I may send his card. Regardless of whether or not you are able to help me grant this wish for my brother, I still would like to thank you not only for being a truly great player that I have greatly enjoyed watching over the years, but also for being such a wonderful person and role model for my brother. I wish you the very best of luck in the upcoming season.


    Jeremy Norris

  331. Patti Thor

    Congrats Hines on some great dancing!

    Being from Pittsburgh, the homeless there have a very special place in my heart. Having lunch with a homeless man one day, he told my friends and I his vision for a section of the strip district that was amazing. It was a way to renovate abandoned structures, employ the homeless, build shelters and provide daycare and a small school and/or business.

    Would love to talk with you about it. It is one of my goals to find him again and implement his vision.

    Patti Thor

  332. Boss Steeler Chick

    You’re a great example of giving back. Steeler Nation is so proud of you, Hines. You are a legend in your own time. And we’re all voting for you on DWTS! You made me watch a reality show! Haha I hope you are enjoying yourself and WIN. Go Steelers!

  333. Camille Young & Blake

    Hi Hines. Your smile is a direct path to your soul. Thank you for showering that soul in such a beautiful way. I didn’t know much about you before watching DWTS tonight. What intrigued me besides your smile was how you had my almost-2 yr old undivided attention. He loved you, your performance & probably moreso your aura as did I. Keep up the goodness. Hats off to your mom for the seeds of goodness she planted.

  334. Tammy

    You are amazing to watch on the field and now on the dance floor! You are also such a role model to children (and adults). You are a fun loving, respectful, generous man who absolutely adores his mom (which brought tears to my eyes tonight). Thank you for sharing yourself and your life with the world Mr. Ward and we are so proud you are from Western PA – it gives us pride! With love, prayers & blessings!

  335. kubotak

    I read your comments in the March issue of ‘GQ’ and they were right on.
    The new helmets could be part of the negotiations now ongoing for the next contract.
    Any player with 60 minutes of on field time should have lifetime catastrophic medical coverage provided by the league.
    The fine money should go to the players’ association to help those not covered by the lifetime coverage mentioned above.

  336. fbr

    Really enjoyed watching you play in Athens all those years. I wish we had you back to help replace A.J. We’re all very proud to call you a Dawg. Best of luck to you in the coming season and in the coming years. Stop in at UGA when you can.

  337. STL

    I just watched the Dancing with the Stars episode where you dedicated your Samba to your mother. I too am the son of a Korean mother but, unlike yours, she didn’t fight for me when she and my father divorced nor did she fight to stay in my life afterwards. I’ve struggled all my life wondering why she made that decision but, seeing how your mother did what mine couldn’t, I was happy for you.

    As you can tell I’m catching up on the DWTS episodes but I’ve always pulled for you in your career on the football field and now on the ballroom floor. I wish you nothing but the best!!!

  338. Kristina

    Hines, I am SMITTEN with you! LOL Your eyes are a pathway to your soul – such a warm, down-to-earth, and happy spirit. I’d never heard of you before DWTS (I’m so sorry) but you can bet, even though I’m in Cincinnati (go Bengals… yeah right! haha), I’ll be following you and cheering you on, even if you’re on our home field! hehee Love to you and to your mom!! (Hit me up when you’re in Cinci! hehee) You make me DROOL! (sorry for that, too – but it’s true)

  339. John S. Klaptosky

    Mr. Hines Ward,

    First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to review this request. Today, I am reaching-out to you about a young adult named Brandon James Renkin. I am not good at expressing myself, but feel I am no better worse for the trying, especially in this instance. I am aware of the policy restrictions regarding charity and donations and do not expect much to materialize from this, but thank you nonetheless for taking the time out of your day to consider. Brandon passed through this life recently on April 7th, 2011 after a life-long battle with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, although I can only speak for the masses because our assessment of his condition was absent from his daily demeanor. For more heartfelt information, Brandon’s obituary can be viewed at His father Roy Renkin is a longtime native of southside Pittsburgh and several generation fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins. By no coincidence, Brandon too was an avid follower. His mother Diane is a rival native of Ohio. Their home in the little town of Gardiner, Montana (right outside of Yellowstone National Park) is enshrined with like memorabilia. Brandon’s only visit to Pittsburgh was to the Childrens Hospital several years ago, when he began developing more serious difficulties with his breathing. I have never witnessed anyone with such passion to go on with so much working against him. This world will be a little less without him. He was a true champion. In an attempt to not let this go unrecognized, I feel moved to make this request. Any small token of acknowledgement about Brandon’s celebration of life from the Pittsburgh Steelers organization would go a long way in the healing process of Roy and Diane Renkin. From one champion to another, Brandon thanks you.

    Thank you for your consideration! I hope this was not too long winded.

    John S. Klaptosky

  340. Lynda

    Hi Hines,

    I want to tell you your doing a Great job on DWTS. Love your moves. I’am only watching it this season to watch you I hope you win.
    Iam also a Big Steelers fan. My son loved the Steelers from the time he was 2 yr. old. He will be 40 this year. He has a room of All Steelers collectables. He’s even painting 1 wall with the Steelers Logo. Love them STEELERS. Been by the Stadium in Pittsburgh but hoping to be able to take my son to a game their some day so he’ll have something special to remember that we did together (just him and I) after Iam gone.
    I wish you well on DWTS and I hope you have a GREAT SEASON with STEELERS GOOOOOOO STEELERS !!!!!!!!!


  341. Dustin Nicholas

    Hey Hines, great job on DWTS! this is the only season i have watched(yes because of you), I actually got to go to Pittsburgh and watch you play against the bengals last season, it was sweet!(I live in Idaho) Im a huge fan of yours as well as your team mates! Steeler nation reaches here too haha! The reason for this message is, here in Pocatello we had two severe child abuse cases take place in Janurary of this year. These were seperate cases by seperate men, both children(under the age of 4) were life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. These children were beaten to the point where bones were broken and brain damage occured. Pocatello is a pretty small town and we are trying to come together to help both families with the finacial strain they are going through. In June we are holding an auction/ fundraiser, I was wondering if you could possibly send some autographed items to auction off. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just pictures or whatever. Or see if your team mates have some time to send a couple items. Please help us out, if you can’t i totally understand, and would never think badly of you. You’re an American hero and i will always be a fan of yours and the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! keep smiling Thank you so much for your time!
    Dustin Nicholas

  342. Dustin Nicholas

    Hey Hines, great job on DWTS! this is the only season i have watched(yes because of you), I actually got to go to Pittsburgh and watch you play against the bengals last season, it was sweet!(I live in Idaho) Im a huge fan of yours as well as your team mates! Steeler nation reaches here too haha! The reason for this message is, here in Pocatello we had two severe child abuse cases take place in Janurary of this year. These were seperate cases by seperate men, both children(under the age of 4) were life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. These children were beaten to the point where bones were broken and brain damage occured. Pocatello is a pretty small town and we are trying to come together to help both families with the finacial strain they are going through. In June we are holding an auction/ fundraiser, I was wondering if you could possibly send some autographed items to auction off. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just pictures or whatever. Or see if your team mates have some time to send a couple items. Please help us out, if you can’t i totally understand, and would never think badly of you. You’re an American hero and i will always be a fan of yours and the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! keep smiling Thank you so much for your time!
    Dustin Nicholas

    (this has been corrected with the right email)

  343. Patricia Nicholson

    Hines I must admit I didn’t know who you were until I saw you on Dancing with the Stars. You are such a joy to watch. I’m voting for you like crazy you are my favorite. I’m also a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan from now on, although I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been a Oakland Raiders Fan for years way before you were born.. I love the tribute to your mother when you did the Samba dance. She must be really proud of you. I am your fan for life. Keep on smiling and do some commericals for TV because we want to see that smile everyday on the tube.

  344. Emily

    Dude, you are Awesome!!! You have DWTS on lock. And it doesn’t hurt that you are obviously the eye candy of the show! You speak loud for both Blacks and Koreans, which only adds to your awesomeness! Even my granny watches you and that is saying a lot! Way to go, in all that you do! You definitely have my vote!

  345. Samantha

    I am writing a paper on Hines and one question I have to answer is what is a typical day like for your successful person and I cant find any relating answer. Will someone (preferablly my hero Hines) help me out please! Thank you!

  346. Jaime

    I read recently that it looks like you and DWTS partner Kym Johnson are a couple. Just wanted to know if that’s true and if you have a girlfriend b/c your HOT!!!

  347. Trish

    I have to say as a dedicated Cincinnati Bengals fan, Hines Ward was always my most disliked Steeler…..BUT after seeing you on DWTS, I have changed my mind. You have represented yourself well and shown Bengals fans truly what a nice, caring person you are. Thank you!

  348. Aja Hannah


    You may not know Diaries of a Mixed (Up) Kid, but we just started in Feb and already have 1000 hits. We’re based out of Pittsburgh and it’s our mission to help children and adults learn about the struggles of growing up mixed race. We post our stories, invite guest bloggers, and link to important articles on the topic. We’re trying to promote a world of equality in which we aren’t teased or rejected for our faces, a world where we can be proud of every race we stem from. We want to invite you to share your story via blog or videoblog. You can contact me via email or twitter AjaHannah if you’re interested.

  349. Kevin Rock

    I blled gold and black, but please tell our running back to shut up! He is making the steelers look foolish with his comments on many issues including OBL and the CBA!!!

  350. Wm Malan

    Heard about the incident with the police, wanted to say that I applaud his response and understanding with the actions of the officers. Most in his position and stature would act out or make it more than it was, so his reactions and comments after the fact make him an outstanding person in my opinion. I thank him for his dealing with this as he did. Also, I enjoy his way of playing the game and hope he can continue with his intensity on the field, he is not a cheapshot player but a hard working one. Hope that the Steelers organization appreciate Ward’s demeanor on and off the field.

  351. Lynette aka SteelerWoman

    Can u tell me when u will be getting some of the WARD bands in, I also have a great name for HINES if u want to use it…

  352. Lisa Wilson Brigman


    Hi Hines,
    I graduated from Forest Park in 1970 and was Peppy the Panther! I have watched you at Forest Park and then at UGA. I even remember seeing your picture in the AJC when you were at Stone Mountain for Prom! We love watching you on Dancing With The Stars and waving my Terrible Towel! I’ve been a Steelers fan since the days of Bradshaw and Franco Harris! I really respect the way you talk about your Momma and represent Atlanta! Can’t wait to see you win DWTS. The Mirror Ball trophy will go great with your MVP!
    A long time fan (Go Panthers!),
    Lisa Wilson Brigman
    Forest Park High Class of 1970

  353. Nann

    As a lifelong Gator this is really painful to say, but you are doing a wonderful job on DWTS. And you seem to be a truly good guy who responded most maturely to the police mix-up. Dang it! It’s so annoying when former Gator foes turn out to be really good guys!

  354. mary Jennings

    hi, my son loves the steelers and he is turning me into a fan also. I love watching you play,you are awesome.Good luck this season.I am going to get him tickets if they are not real exspensive. Keep smiling and i will be watching.

  355. Jet Fan

    Mr. Ward,
    I enjoyed and respect you for your wonderful attitude and persona seen on Dancing With the Stars. However the way you handled yourself during the recent police stop for suspected auto theft, you showed an amazing amount of class that is seldom seen today. Someone asked you if the stop was racial profiling and you refused to be sucked into playing the “race card”. You are a force for peace and good will. I wish you the best in all your endevors.

  356. typing from my Hines Ward computer

    Hines, did you know Gene Kelley is from Pittsburgh? Quite a compliment. Win the Mirror Ball.

  357. Susan Tansey

    Hines, I have become a fan due to DWTS, but will remain a fan as a result of your classy, respectful and intelligent demeanor. I respect your approach to life. You are a wonderful role model. Best of luck to you.

  358. Brenda

    I’ve been following you on Dancing with the Stars and am completely in awe of you. Tonight’s episode gave a glance of your background and just made me more of a fan. I was amazed to learn you have no ACL. I had my ACL completely destroyed and had to have it repaired. Only reason I had it fixed a year later is because my knee kept giving out. I wish I knew your secret for the ACL. It totally impressed me. Good luck!

  359. Kathleen Bodmer

    I just wanted to compliment you on your poise,grace,good heart and how you show emotion. I am a fan from DWTS, you are very impressive and I wish you all the best in the future. You will be successful in anything you put your heart into.
    Thank you for the entertainment and letting us see into your soul
    Kathleen Bodmer

  360. Louise

    It was really heart wrenching to see what happened to you, and Kim, last week. I could really tell how much you care for each other. I’m so glad Kim wasn’t badly injured and you were able to have a wonderful night tonight! You are a classy guy. Your Momma brought you up right!

  361. Jen King

    I love seeing and hearing your story on DWTS. My Mom is also from South Korea. Like your Mom she came to this country not knowing any English and with no family. As small children my brother and I didn’t have much. My mom eventually taught herself how to drive and got her first job when I was 10. She still works the same job today making a little over $8/hr. She is a hard worker and has sacrificed so much. The strength of a Korean woman is amazing. My brother and I were made fun of many times because we were different. It took a long time for me to be proud of who I am. Today, I do my best to teach my kids the Korean culture. They know a handful of words and phrases. My brother is also a look a like of you. People come up to him all the time and think he is you. Being that we are from Cleveland I never thought that I could be a Steelers fan. Hearing your story has made me become a fan of your organization and of you (sorry dawg pound) With your Mom not having any family here if she ever needs someone my Mom would be happy to be a friend to her! Thank you for what you have done for the Korean/American culture!!!!!! Good luck!

  362. Faith Sheehan

    Although my husband and 2 sons are sports fanatics, I really didn’t know very much about you before DWTS. You are the “whole package” : athletic, charming, kind,
    handsome, and driven. I have such admiratin for you.
    Good luck at the finale. I’ll be voting for you and watching the Steelers. You’re inspirational !

  363. ajanov

    I was moved by the background story they showed on Dancing with the Stars. I have an adopted son who is biracial and grew up in a very white town. He never felt like he fit in until he became a standout in baseball and soccer. The difference is you said it motivated you to do more, give your best. Over time, my son took on a victim role instead of rising to the occasion. He has so much potential and i wish he had 1/8 of your attitude and drive. you seem to be a wonderful human being with a rock solid value set. Best of luck

  364. Robert McLean

    I am writing to congratulate you concerning the excitement you bring to Dancing with the Stars. Your ever present smile and pleasing demeanor shows how confident you are. I was very pleased to know that we are members of the same fraternity..PHI BETA SIGMA….I see you flashing that sign….Keep up the determination, hard work and desire to do you best….I am sure you will be on top! Encouraging all greek-lettered members to vote for you!

  365. Kari Laubhm

    Hines – never watched dwts before but had to support my guy (have your signed jersey, etc). You and Kym have truly been wonderful to watch. Have always loved your smile!! You have really expanded The Steeler Nation!! Good luck to you and Kym. Glad she is ok

  366. Christine Mika


    Have never watched Steelers football (I’m ashamed to say) however, I am a DWTS fan and have recently visited South Korea. You, my friend, are a champion is EVERY sense of the word! I LOVE your positive energy, your smile and the efforts you have made to try and change the culture of your homeland. Much success to you! I will, from this day forward, be a Steelers fan…..and more importantly a Hines Ward Fan!
    I’m using all my votes for you!

  367. Margaret

    I’m rooting for you to take home the Mirror Ball trophy on DWTS because you’re an AMAZING dancer! If you had lived near my family while you were growing up, you would have been welcomed with open arms. You are everything that’s best in people, no matter their color, homeland, or anything else. Even if you don’t win the Mirror Ball, you are still a CHAMPION and so is your mom!

  368. Budo

    Hines. First off, I am a Ravens fan since way befor the Colts skipped town. Yes, there has been a lot of rivalry, as there are in all sports. Yes, I probably have said derrogatory things about you and the Steelers. BUT also I have had respect for you as a player and now and even more importantly (at least in my mind) I have it for you as a person. I admire you a great deal and wish you the very best in the competition and live thereafter. You have my vote!

    BTW, the NFL benefits from your first class demeanor also.

  369. Jenn


    I never knew who you were until I decided to watch Dancing With the Stars one day. I don’t usually watch TV except for soccer and basketball, but quickly found out how loved you were by many on the show. I just finished watching Episode 9 where your partner got injured, and it moved me to see how you guys cared for each other. Dance is a huge part of my life, but more so, it reminded me that professional athletes can have big hearts, too. I feel that you’re a good man, and I can see it as I watch the show. It brought tears to my eyes. Best of luck to you, and I might just be watching some Steeler games for you! Best of luck and God bless.

  370. Melissa

    Hey! I just wanted to stop by and say I think you should write a book about your life. I’ve read your interviews about growing up as a bi-racial child in the U.S. and think it would be great if you would consider writing about it! I myself am in an interracial relationship with a Korean man and definitely plan on having children someday! I would like to know about your experiences and think they could be helpful to so many people! Keep up the good work!

  371. Leslie R

    Hi Hines:
    Listening to the way you spoke about your Mom on the Monique Show and DWTHS made me respect you so much as a man. Seeing you shed tears on DWTHS seared you in the hearts of America. Hines you have shown men how to be men on the field and off. Praise God for your Mom’s sacrifice and thank God you made it worthwhile. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  372. leslie

    Hi there. I am loving watching you on DWTS. I have been rooting for you to win since day 1 because you stole my heart. You are absolutely adorable and it is obvious you are an extremely kind man. If you are ever in Texas, please let me know, I’d love to have a chance to see you in person. Good luck in everything you do!

  373. Jozzette

    Hines Ward…..I’ve never heard of you until DWTS. Hey,what can I say…..I’m a New Yorker that doesn’t watch much sports, on television, that is. (There is nothing like sitting in the stands and watching a game as it occurs.) However, your outstanding sportsmanship and dance abilities have made me a FAN for LIFE.

    What I know of you so far leads me to believe that you are a wonderful person. You appear to take pride in what you do.

    Your heart and courage are insipiring. It took a lot of courage for you to perform the way you did Monday night….I have watched that Argentine Tango many times. And each time I’ve watched it, it felt as if I were watching it for the first time. I absolutely loved it!

    Please don’t let your negative experience discourage you from trying new tricks or lifts. I did modern and jazz dance as a child, so I know it can be terrifying after an accident to try something new again.

    Can’t wait to see your performance on Monday…go all out!
    Maintain your confidence and remember…”What the mind believes, the body will achieve!”
    YOUR FAN FOREVER….Mary J. Page

  374. Bob Komisar

    Hi Hines, I have been a Steelers fan since Chuck Noll took over and have followed the team during the good years and the not so good one’s. I have followed you since you arrived and realy enjoy watching you make them plays. I have not watched DWTS much until this year and have not missed a night. I voted for you each night and will not miss the final. Good luck. There are Steelers fans in Owensboro, KY. When I go to a parade downtown there are always Steeler jerseys or jackets around

  375. Adam Tuiletufuga

    Hello Mr. Ward,
    I have always been an avid steelers fan, despite living in South Carolina, and if you are reading this, that would be amazing. But I come asking something that most people wouldn’t. I have a friend that goes to my church that recently suffered from a AVM, which is essentially a mass of blood vessels that ruptured in his head. He entered a coma, but is slowly making his recovery and powering through this. I come here though because You are his favorite football player; not only is my friend a Steelers fan, but you are his favorite player. When the super bowl was on, our whole church was behind you in his honor (at the time, he was in a coma). I know you probably receive many requests, but if you wouldn’t mind doing something for him, i know that he would love it and it would surely help further lift his spirits as he improves in health. If you do read, this please email me at Thank you for your time. Go Steelers and God bless!

  376. Patti Thor

    Hines, I give kudos to your mom and love you!

    Would you give me permission to use a quote of yours in my upcoming parenting book, it defines so well what it means to get an opportunity?

    “I was facing an opportunity that I knew
    was going to challenge me in ways that would
    force me and my beliefs to another level. ”
    Hines Ward

  377. K&J Jones

    Hines.. We are so proud of you and the man that the world gets to see every Mon. & Tues. You are such a joy to watch and we have extreme respect for you! We do, however, want to give our opinion on ONE thing! You need to wife Kym up before she gets away! You both are so great together and there is obviously mututal admiration between the two of you! You relationship looks genuine and we think you would compliment each other nicely! Go Kym & hines!! We will be voting tonight! We will also be hoping that your connection will remain when the show is over. She would be a great NFL wife… :) Much love and respect! K&J

  378. Loisjr

    I BELIEVE the mirror ball is yours & Kym…..enjoy. I have sincerely enjoy your DWS challenges every week. It appears you have a good & loving relationship with your mom. But who is Jayden, the named tatooed on your arm. It was sincerely moving to hear about your growing up years & how you made it all POSITIVE. I wonder how is our relationship with Jayden? since this is probably your son?

  379. Jeannette


    I know it’s probably been said many many times, but it must be said again, “YOU HAVE THE BEST MOVES ON AND OFF THE FIELD.”

    Best of Luck


  380. Marilynn Boyko

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for Dancing With The Stars and congratulations. I’m from Los Angeles but the Steelers have always been my team. Love, love, love the Steelers and I have a terrible towel and hat from one of the Super Bowl wins. Your appearance on DWTS was incredible and a true joy to watch. I voted like crazy for you and was so happy that you won. I will follow you on your website, but it’s no secret that I totally love you. Nothing subverse about that, just really do.

  381. Michelle

    Congratulations on winning Dancing with the Stars! I did not know who you were before the show, but I love dancing and as you kept doing well over and over, I began to take notice. I am just touched by your character. As a single mother, I hope to have a son as fine as you.

  382. Gina

    Congrats on winning DWTS and the Mirror Ball trophy. I said from the moment you were announced as a contestant that you would win, and I voted for you EVERY WEEK!
    It was amazing to watch your journey every week!
    As a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh and an avid Steeler Fan (not to mention a big fan of yours!) I would like to say thanks for making us all proud!

  383. Linda Sowell

    Congrats on DWTS win. I’ve voted for you from the beginning. That smile and those feet made you #1 from the first week as far as I’m concerned. I’m infatuated with you & I’m old enough to be your Mother!
    Love to see you on the field and the dance floor.

  384. Kim

    Congratulations – you are a champ on the field as well as the dance floor – maxed out my votes every week for you and Kym – sorry the dancing has to end – best of luck in the future

  385. Karen Sanders

    Hello Hines!!
    Congrats on winning the mirror ball last night!! You were a joy to watch. That was the first season i have watched of dwts. Anyway..Just wanted to say that i am a steelers fan..hard to believe considering i have lived most of my life near Cleveland!! I have been a fan ever since i was a little girl and cleveland and pittsburgh were playing. I told my dad that i bet him that steelers were going to win, he took my bet and we both placed a $1 on the tv. Needless to say, I won the dollar off my dad! :-) He died a few years later, so its one of my many treasured moments with my dad.
    June 4th is my 42nd birthday..and it would be great if you surprised me and danced for me for my birthday!! haha..Have a great day! Thanks for being you. You are a true gem. Karen

  386. Patti

    I was a fan and now more than ever since you and Kym won on my favorite show, Dancing with the Stars. Go Get Em Guy!!!

  387. Frederick Zappone

    Seeing you on DWTS make you more real to me as a ‘human being’ and not just as a football player. I am touched by your compassion and humanity.

    When you cried, I cried and I don’t cry easily. As a 69 year old man, I am not easily inspired by others but you have inspired me.

    I would love to see you have your own ‘Reality Show’ because I know you could do so much good with it.

    A thought just struck me that you are the one person I know of who could fill the void left behind by Oprah.

    Best of luck in all that you do.


    Frederick Zappone

  388. sonny

    Just wanted to congradulate you on your Dancing with the Stars win. I live in Cinci and I’m a Bengles fan, but I’ve always been a fan of yours. Just like the way you play the game. Heh love when you take a hard hit and get up with a smile on your face

  389. Elizabeth Ann Speed

    Dear Hines
    I am so impressed w/ your win on DWTS. Your win reflects your hard work and dedication to the task at hand, whatever that might be! I also applaud you as being a wonderful role model for all young people. I was going to say “bi-racial” young people since my family is multi-racial also but you transcend those man-made categories! To see what you are providing fo the bi-racial children is Korea is awesome. You are a wonderful role model and an advocate for all in all aspects. You are to be commended for the great sense of respect you have for your mother and the sacrifices she made for you. You are a credit to her wise upbringing. You are a consumate professional in all of your actions! Good luck and God bless you and your mother in all of your endeavors in life.

    Elizabeth Ann Speed El Paso/Fort Bliss TX :)

  390. Leah Reynolds

    Congrats on winning DWTS! You are a remarkable performer!! Seeing you on the field or on the stage reminds me of that saying; “What comes from the heart, reaches the heart.” You are a guy who seems to operate from that idea. I am Assistant Executive Director of a nonprofit here in Pittsburgh that could use some help with our annual fundraiser, Cupid’s Chase a 5k run.

    Community Options helps ANY one with ANY kind of developmental disability live as normal a life as possible.

    Would you consider being the Chair of our race on Feb. 11, 2012?

  391. Jan in Knoville

    Hello, Hines. I’ve always been a Steeler Fan. I enjoy watching you so much and look forward to the next season which is coming up soon. Also, you got all of my votes for DWTS! You did a fantastic job! Take care, see you in my dreams ; }

  392. Sandie

    Your stats indicate you are a champion football player. Although I’m a former Buffalo Bills fan transplanted to Charlotte, NC and an official Panther fan, after watching you on Dancing with the Stars, I am now going to have to have a third TV going to watch you play. Oh I wanted you to win so badly. You go all my votes. When they announced you and Kym’s name, I jumped off my sofa screaming. I admired the way you reacted to so many things. You just seemed like a “real” person. Congratulations!! I’m a big fan.

  393. Sue Kamman

    Hines, we love you! Your smile and your love for your Mama say it all. My nine-year old son (a Bantam Super Bowl Champion in Chicago) could not believe his eyes. How could such a short guy be a pro player and MVP? How could a football player dance? It’s really making him think about what doing your best means in life. You are an inspiration to us all. God Bless you and Mama!

  394. freddie Mae

    Congrats on winning DWTS! My husband & I own about 4 acres of land in Little Rock, AR, which we turn into a little league official size field for “AT RISK KIDS” in the community. We have been in the business of giving back to kids for the past 30 years. We have 185 boys & 43 girls in the program. Mike Richardson, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS & KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, came through our program at the age of 11 & 12. 2010 we were able to take all the kids to a Dallas Cowboys Game against The Lions. I do understand how busy you are, we would love for you to come to Little Rock, Ar pay a visit to the boys & girls in our program would be the BEST THING EVER! AUNT MARTHA was a TERRY BRADSHAW & PITTSBURGH STEELERS FAN! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH & GOD’S GRACE BE WITH YOU & YOUR FAMILY!!!

  395. Judith K Dominick

    Congratulations on your tremendous achievements in life. Not only on DWTS and the football field, but also on the platform for living life to make a difference. I am a public relations specialist in professional sports and wish that every athlete-young or mature; rookie or season veteran; successful or just starting the long, difficult journey in pro-sports-would use your model as an example of not only how to be the best you can be at your chosen game, but also aspire to bring dignity and honor to themselves, their team and teammates, their sport and for that matter, all of pro-sports. Your example of seeing endless possibilites in every challenge and every oppotunity is truly inspiring and heartwarming. Enjoy your Mirror Ball Trophy and best of luck in the upcoming season and beyond.

  396. Sherry Massey

    Hines, as UGA supporters, my husband and I have long admired you. We still live only about an hour from Athens! We have many fond memories of your time in Sanford stadium and have proudly followed your pro career. We are so delighted to see you take another stage on DWTS. It is one of our favorite shows and you have made it our favorite year. We knew your family background from UGA and was soooo glad to see that you are still the awesome young man with much to offer to both young and old. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for all of us. We in the Bulldawg Nation LOVE you. May God bless you always.

  397. Sandy

    Mr. Ward, my brother-in-law is a life long Steelers fan. He never misses a game. Seven weeks ago, at age 44, he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer – incurable. His 5 year old daughter and his wife (my sister) are devastated. His prognosis was not good and just yesterday his dr. gave him about 30 days to live. He will now go into hospice. My sister said my brother-in-law made a comment yesterday about never being able to watch another Steeler’s game. I know this is a long shot, but I thought maybe if you see my comment, that maybe you could send my brother in law an email and that would really bring some much needed joy into his day. If you think that would be possible, please tell me where I should send his contact info. I apologize if this is not the correct place to post such a request, I don’t know where else to turn. Thank you and God Bless!

  398. Corrie

    Congratulations on winning the Mirror Ball Trophy! I voted for you and Kym every week and enjoyed watching you evolve into a great dancer. I’d like to suggest that you put together a DVD of all your and Kym’s Season 12 dances. The proceeds could go yo your foundation. I’m sure Steeler Nation would love it!

  399. Zanne Bigley

    Hello Heinz! Congrats on winning Dancing with the Stars! I always watch from my home in Houston (waving my Terrible Towel), however, this past week I have been in NW PA visiting my daughter. You would love her. Actually, she’s just as cute as you are.

    Being a transplanted PA girl, I was in Texas watching the Super Bowl and had to deal with taunts from Cowboy and Texans fans. You played a great game.

    Anyway, I am a big fan. God Bless in all your endeavors!

  400. Debbie C

    Hello Hines:

    Congrats on Winning Dancing with the Stars, I watched your final performances from Pittsburgh, we were there visiting family. I was hoping the Steeler Nation would push you over the edge. I know I tried from the time you performed your first dance until almost the end of the hour after the show to get my 5 calls in, and I had my daughter calling from the home phone and her cell phone as well.

    Pittsburgh born and raised, Steeler Football in the blood….I am very nervous about football season this year. I need my fix of Steeler Football, we are hoping that there is a solution to the lock out.

    You have the greatest smile. Love to see it on the field, we lovingly call you Smiley in our family. It will be a sad for us when you retire, as it was for us when Bettis retired. Still hope you have a lot of good years left in you.

    It was disappointing when you lost the Super Bowl this year, we are pulling for the Steelers to win next year.

    GO STEELERS. WE LOVE YOU. Good Luck this season…hope to see you on the field in August/Septemeber.

  401. Bibiana

    Hola Hines:
    Soy y vivo en Colombia, pero por internet y con ayuda de youtube pude ver DWTS y seguirte los pasos lol!! bueno intente porque eres magnifico. Pero lo que pude persivir a traves del baile, es el gran ser humano que hay en ti, me hiciste llorar cuando te vi con el sentimiento que lloraste en la semana del tango con Kym después del inafortunado accidente. Haces una bonita pareja con Kym, bueno digo en el programa. Benciones para tu hijo y tu mamá, estas recogiendo los frutos que ella sembró por el sacrificio y el amor que te dió al sacarte adelante. Dichosa la mujer que te tenga como pareja y muy afortunado tu hijo, Que Dios te guarde y felicitaciones, merecian ambos ganar DWTS

    1. Bibiana

      Greetings from Colombia Wishing you a Father’s Day. You make a management that makes it look like the father of all those children who are affected by discrimination. Success in life and God bless you with good health and his son and family.

  402. Hillary

    Hi there!
    You probably won’t see this with all of the comments flooding your page, but I really hope you do. This past year has been the worst for me because my mom, who is everything to me, was diagnosed with cancer last December. I look for the little things in life to help me be happy & watching you on Dancing w/ the Stars really made me smile every mon & tues night. Thank you for that!

  403. Halcyone

    Hello Hines:

    In retrospect, there was no way in God’s green earth would you not have won the Mirror Ball Trophy. Your fan base is probably wider than all the contestants put together. Us Steeler Nation take care of each other and there was no way in hell will we allow you not to get all the votes in the world. We would have gladly moved heaven and earth for you and then some!!! From the get go you already won. If retired Jerome Bettis or Troy or anyone in the Steelers Team would compete in DWTS, I bet they would win too which is not the same as saying they can be graceful and “beautiful”(per Bruno)as you.

    Have you considered running for president in the future? Your fan base reaches all the way to Korea and beyond and if there is someone who has been there, done that, that would be you. Just planting a seed here.

    Godspeed and more power!!!

  404. Christie

    It was great to watch you on much fun to see some of your personality off the field. What you do for children and the message you send to them is something to be admired. My daughter is 7 and has been a Steelers fan since she could talk. You are her favorite player(mine too) and I am glad you send such a positive message. Last year she even saved her own money to help buy an “upgraded” 86 jersey. Highlight of her year is when its her turn to go to a preseason game. Thank you for what you do off the field – Steeler Nation loves you! Hope we see you on the field soon!

  405. Katie

    Dear Hines Ward,
    My name is Katie and I am a senior at The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. I am a student leader and intern for The HALO Foundation. Our current initiative is “93 Cents for Flight 93”. We will be holding an event on September 8, 2011 to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and the opening of the first phase of the Flight 93 National Memorial. On September 11th, 2001 forty strangers on Flight 93 became America’s heroes. I’m writing to you today because you are my hero.
    Although I am an Ohio native, I can say you truly are a hero of mine. Not for your amazing talent in football, although you are pretty impressive, but for your want and desire to help others. I admire you for taking time away from the game of football to help others, especially children. So many children need guidance and mentoring in their life and for you to be that mentor to them is so wonderful. It has inspired me to help others in need.
    As part of the event, we are holding an auction to help raise money for the Flight 93 Memorial. Student leaders are asked to request an auction item from their personal heroes. As my heroes I am asking you to help honor America’s heroes. Being that you play for one of NFL’s best teams it would be so wonderful if you could donate a football with your signature on it or even two tickets to a game of the 2011-2012 season. Your donation will not only be greatly appreciated by me but also by the friends and families of the 40 heroes on Flight 93. Thank you for your support!

    The HALO Foundation
    115 E. Market St
    Akron, Ohio 44308

  406. Doris

    Hi Hines i just wanted to say i am not much of a football fan that is up until now i just can’t wait to watch you play, i loved watching you on dancing with the stars and seeing the close relationship you have with your mom is so awesome i love your smile and all your wonderful energy the respect you show for others is awesome i wish my family respected me like you do your mom, i know you will have a wonderful season GOOD LUCK

  407. stevekim

    Hey Hines,
    Just want to inform you that not everyone in Baltimore hates you. One hundred-thousand Korean Americans in Baltimore-Washington area love you and respect your fierceness in the field. A die hard Ravens fan.